Happy Wednesday Prayer(s) – How do you intend to start your mid week if not by saying these happy wednesday prayers to yourself and by sharing with family, friends and loved ones. Want a happy wednesday prayer? Check these ones I have below for you!

10 spiritual happy wednesday prayers for you

1. Father we pray today that you take frustrations away from our lives. Father we pray that you will bless us and renew our hopes in you. father we pray that you will be with us and support us all through the months of the year. Let your glory fill our lives this day and beyond. Amen.

2. Lord, I request that you bless me today and always. Take care of our physical and mental health oh Lord. Let us have all the reasons to be grateful and thankful to you. Amen.

3. I am a blessed child because I work in the knowledge and word of God. God is with me and he will never leave me. I am going to have the most amazing Wednesday ahead. Amen.

4. Thank you for the saving grace dear God. When people think it is the end, you have always shown that it is just the start for us.Thank you Jesus.

5. Let the blessings of today bring forth light in our lives.let your glory today follow us everywhere we go. Let us sing a song of victory today and always. Amen.

6. You have told to make powerful proclamation into our lives and we are making one today, that we will be better than last year and that grace will always be with us in all our endeavour. Amen.

7. Another to thank you for good health is here again. Thank you almighty father and king of glory.

8. I know you will make the day bright and beautiful for me today. I am sure you have prepared my table right ahead of me. Thank you for grace. Amen.

9. Give us the grace to continue to know and believe in you oh God. Let us have a great day today. Amen.

10. When the time comes for us to excel. Make us excellent oh God. Amen.

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