The very best collections of birthday wishes for a friend. Finding good and true friends are a big deal, and when you find one, treat him/ her right. One of the way of doing that is by sending cute birthday wishes to him or her. I have put up some amazing lovely birthday wishes for a friend, beautiful birthday wishes for a friend, special birthday wishes for a friend for your use.

What other original and fun way can you wish your friends happy birthday other than coming in here to share the contents on this page. Truth is, the greatest gift of life is friendship, therefore it is important to choose a special gift like my collections of happy birthday wishes for a friend. From the depths of your heart, you should send the gift of a happy birthday messages or wish – A gift that is immeasurable.

You need the best type of happy birthday wishes for a friend and this is what I am offering you in here! You miss these messages, you just can’t get them anywhere else, trust me!

20 cute happy birthday wishes for a friend

1 What else can I send, how else can I wish you. What other special gift do I have, thank to wish the most amazing friend a happy birthday from the depths of my heart. Do not take this message like other that you have been receiving, but take this as a message from a good friend who wishes you nothing but the best. Happy birthday to you dear. Have a blast.

2 You are better than even the best. You are one of the greatest friends ever. I appreciate your friendship and companionship over the year, and on this special occasion, I wish that God bless and provide for all your needs. Your time to shine is here. Happy birthday dear friend.

3 You are an amazing friend, with an amazing personality. I pray that every moment of your life be as exciting as our friend. I wish you the greatest day with unbelievable answers to prayers, and a lifetime of happiness, love and peace. God be with you on this day and forever.

4 Happy birthday to you buddy. The right words to eulogize you fails me today. You have shown me what friendship really is and what it really means. You have displayed compassion and empathy in all situations. You are indeed a true and great friend, and I am grateful for knowing you! Happy birthday, have a blast!

5 Today is your day and so it should be all YOU! I pray that you remain happy for the rest of your days on earth. I pray that you find favour in the sight of God and men. To everyone, you will receive multiple favour and you will receive the blessings that God has willed for you. Happy birthday friend. God is with you!

6 On this important day, may everything you wish for be your portion. May everything you want from life finds its way down to your doorstep. May you be attacked in all corners with the grace of God and may all your requests be granted. May you never lack any good thing in life and may God crown all your efforts with success. Have a blast!

7 Please accept my warmest wishes and greetings this special occasion. We have been together through thick and thin and you have shown what it means to stand by someone. On this special day, I celebrate you. I pray that you live long to enjoy the goodies that life has to offer. Remain blessed. happy birthday.

8 This day will lead to more blessings in your life. You are great friend and so you deserve a great birthday, that is why I am here to wish you the greatest birthday ever.  I am grateful and happy to be your your friend. Happy birthday to you.

9 I feel so happy to have you as a friend. You are rare, warm, accommodating and special. Friends like you are so hard to find. You are a different and rare breed and I wish you many more years on earth. Your stars will shine so bright that it will illuminate others. Happy birthday to an amazing friend. Have a blast!

10 When I have friends like you in my life, then I know that every day is an holiday. As you celebrate today, I celebrate with you as well. happy birthday ( mention name of friend ).

11 I pray that everyday from today henceforth, brings new moments and new opportunities for you. I pray that this birthday turns to be one of the most exciting day of your life. May your life become enjoyable and more super from this day till forever. Happy birthday to you.

12 I wish you good luck as you celebrate your birthday today. I pray that you have an amazing day and God protects you in all your endeavours. Happy birthday. God be with you today.

13 You should sit back and count your blessings. The goodness of God is with you; has been with you over the years and will never depart from you. Your moment of happiness and perfection is here. Just take it and take charge. You are the blessing to this generation. Happy birthday to you.

14 May your joy of today be greater than all the joy of yesteryears. may you be filled with God’s blessings that even you cannot deal it. may life unfold all possibilities to you, and may you find every reason to remain happy for the rest of your birthdays. Happy birthday to you. You are a blessing to all of us.

15 Your birthday will be as beautiful as you are, that I am sure of. You are beautiful – in and out and I wish that God makes your life so beautiful just as you. Happy birthday dear friend. Stay great as always.

16 I pray that your basket will be filled to the brim of all the good things that life has to offer. I pray that your cup of blessings will run over this month. I pray that you will have every reason to be thankful and grateful. Happy birthday to you.

17 On this special day I am sending you a special gift. A heart of pure love for you and a prayer of success in all your ways. Go into the world and conquer dear friend. Happy birthday to you!

18 There are friends who are just like angels. They are warm, different, special and caring to a fault. They give us the nudge, advise us to trudge on and always provide support along the way. You, my friend is an angel! You are truly special. Happy birthday!

19 I wish you all the love in my heart and the prayers in my soul that God surprises you with a special gift today. A gift that will surpass all you have received. Be happy dear, have a delightful birthday.

20 May your life be like good wine, tasty, vintage, clear as the ocean. May you increase and improve as the years go on. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

20 lovely happy birthday wishes for a friend




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