Why not ask your girlfriend some dirty and naughty question from my list of 100 freaky questions to ask your girlfriend. Just as you have seen the freaky paragraphs to send to your girlfriend and the dirty and freaky paragraphs she could send to you as well, you can also take it a step further by playing the 100 freaky questions to ask your girlfriend.

Are you game on my 100 freaky questions to ask your girlfriend? Let’s take a dig.

Naughty and 100 freaky questions to ask your girlfriend

1. Do you like doing freaky things, like all the dirty talks?

2. What is the colour of your panties right now?

3. What is the colour of your lingerie?

4. What do you crave for s*xually?

5. Will you perform cunnilingus on me?

6. Have you seen anybody unclad ever before?

7. Has anybody bumped into you naked?

8. Have you ever had s*x in a night club?

9. Have you ever swallowed a man’s juice before?

10. How do you see oral s*x? Love or Hate?

11. What year did you have your first deep kissing

12. Have you ever had s*x with a blind man?

13. Have you ever had s*x with a king?

14. Have you ever been paid money for s*x?

15. Have you ever tried anal s*x. Do you like it?

16.  Would you ever allow me see you naked?

17. Will you dance naked in front of me?

18. Will you have s*x with my best friend

19. Have you ever had s*x with a man old enough to be your father?

20. Have you ever dated your father’s friend?

21. Would you bath me if I want you to?

22. What will will you put on when you want to go to bed?

23. Have you ever loved someone so much that you cried when you lost him?

24. Do you like to be massaged by the opposite s*x?

25. What is your definition of foreplay?

26. Do you think oral s*x is good?

27. Does your religion support oral s*x?

28. Have you ever danced in the rain naked?

29. Have you ever eaten from your partner’s hands before?

30. What is that s*x thing that you have ever fantasized about?

31. Will you want to get drunk with me?

32. What is the best part of your partner’s body?

33. How do you see a gay? Is it proper?

34. What is your relationship deal breaker?

35. Have you ever contemplated robbing your partner?

36. Can you give your partner funds to support his business?

37. How do you see a no s*x relationship?

38. Do you like tattoos? Why and Why not?

39. Are you a very good kisser?

40. Why do you want to love?

41 Why do you want to be married?

42. Do you think marriage is the best thing for you?

43. What is the purpose of your existence?

44. What is your dream daycation location

45. Are you a virgin?

46. Have you lost your virginity?

47. Have you been s*xually abused before?

48. Have you ever tried s*xting before? Does it make any sense to you?

49. What is the freakiest place you have ever kissed in your partner’s body?

50. Have you ever sent a freaky paragraph that really made your partner freak out?

51. What is the definition of s*xiness to you?

52. What is the meaning of a cute partner?

53. Have you ever made out after a first date?

54. have you ever had a one night stand experience?

55. What is your best collection of outfits in a guy?

56. What is your favorite s*x position?

57. Have you caught your parents naked before? How does it make you feel?

58. Have you done speed dating before? Does it feel proper?

59. Have you been scammed by a lover before?

60. have you ever had s*x in the rain before?

60. How crazy can you really go when you are in love?

61. What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love?

63. Have you ever gone a year without communicating with your partner?

64. Can you die for your partner?

65. What is the most stupid thing you have ever done for love?

66. Has your partner ever cheated on you?

67. Have you ever had a sugar daddy?

68. Do you like masturbation? What are your thoughts?

69. What is the cup size of your bra?

70. Are you a porn addict?

71. Will you sleep with a celebrity for money?

72. Have you ever been a pimp or a gigolo?

73. Can you date an old man?

74. Can you date a married man?

75. Can you date an old woman?

76. Can you date a married woman?

77. Do you love to sleep with all your clothes off?

78. Have you ever slept with a virgin?

79. Do you like s*x toys?

80. What is the freakiest question you have asked a guy

81. What is the freakiest question you have asked a lady?

82. Name the craziest place you have ever engaged in coitus?

83. If you were with me right now, will you kiss me?

84. What is your definition of an ideal relationship

85. How do you see an ideal partner?

86. Do you believe in a perfect relationship?

87. have you ever had an abusive relationship?

88. Do you love wedding parties?

89. Do you love burial ceremonies?

90. Have you ever been beaten by a miscreant before? What really happened?

91. Have you ever had a threesome before? What was it like? Is it proper to do that?

92. What turns you on in a guy?

93. Tell me 5 things you cannot be caught doing?

94. Do you like romancing with the lights on or off?

95. Have you ever dated a pastor’s son

96. Have you ever dated a pastor’s daughter?

97. Do you love pubic hair or you prefer it shaved?

98. Have you ever been slapped in the bum by your boo in public. Were you embarrassed or you liked it?

99. Have you ever done PDA? Does it makes sense to you?

100. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? why did it not turn out well, since you are now with me!

Now you have all the 100 freaky questions to ask your girlfriend. Guess what these freakiest questions to ask your girlfriend, can do to you. It is either it makes your relationship or mar it.

It is therefore up to you to get really freaky, s*xy or daring! The answers you would get as responses may be somewhat revealing to you. Make use of it as you wish. It is your relationship!

Ready to push out the 100 freaky questions to ask your girlfriend? Let me know how it eventually turns out!


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