It is the second day of the week right? You may need to check up on your lover with these good afternoon tuesday messages to see how he or she is faring. I have got beautiful collections for your use here. Good afternoon messages, good afternoon my love SMS, sweet good afternoon Tuesday messages, cute good afternoon Tuesday messages, good afternoon inspirational quotes are perfect to send on a Tuesday afternoon, and since this post is here to do justice to that, why not share with your lover?

Good afternoon Tuesday messages for my love

1 I want to be the first to remember you today and this is why I am sending my good afternoon Tuesday message to you. How is the work day going, I hope you are almost done with your deliverable. Enjoy the rest of the day my dear. Good afternoon.

2 I hope my good morning SMS refreshed you, and I can’t wait to send freaky paragraphs to you later in the evening. My afternoon wish is that you should have an amazing noon. Have a good afternoon dear.

3 The mornings makes us remember it’s the beginning of work, afternoon makes us see that we have to continue to forge our paths in life and evenings make us remember that it is time to sit back and relax over the work of the day. Nights avail us the opportunity to refresh our bodies through sleep. So appreciate the one person who is motivating you with an afternoon message to forge the life path. Good afternoon darling, how are you holding up?

4 My prayers will always stay with you. My morning wish is that you stay sane and safe. My afternoon wish is that you stay fresh and motivated, and evening wish is that you remain refreshed and upbeat, because it is your time to shine. Good afternoon my love. Have the best of the day.

5 It is noon already – time to sit back, have lunch and check your phone. I hope I am the first to send you a good afternoon Tuesday message. Have the best of your afternoon my love.

6 The wonderful person checking this good afternoon message had a special morning, and is about to have an amazing afternoon. I am sure your evening will be great and your night will be special with me in it.

7 I love you in the morning, noon and night. You are perfect and your presence around me refreshes my life. Always know this, that I will love you today and forever, because you have not only been a great friend, you have also been a wonderful companion. Have a great afternoon this tuesday darling. God be with you.

8 I know the afternoon is beautiful already, but it won’t be as complete as having you in it. My heart beats for you darling. Good afternoon to you love.

9 My heart longs for your kind of loving. I just want to sleep and wake up right by your side. I want you to be the first thing I see in the morning and the only person I sleep beside at night. Good afternoon darling. Have a great day.

10 A lot of people know that we are dating but only few can envisage how amazing our love life is. Thanks for bringing joy, peace and tranquility into my life. I appreciate you. Good afternoon.

Good afternoon my love messages

11 Hey darling, how is your afternoon going. This good afternoon Tuesday message is to let you know that I do not only appreciate your love, but I am always excited to have you as the love of my life. I love you everyday and I just want you to know that it is me and you forever. Good afternoon baby. Enjoy your day.

12 I am reminded of our love this afternoon and my hearts beat in a crazy way. I know with you by my side, everything is going to be alright. The future is secured already. Thank you for everything. I love you darling. Good afternoon.

13 I want to wish you a good afternoon with all my love and affection. You are the only one who brings me happiness that is immeasurable. I love you darling, have a splendid afternoon.

14 I love you with everything in me and I can’t wait for us to be together again. Good afternoon and have a great day darling.

15 I am finding it hard to concentrate on my work. Your thoughts I have in my head. You are my priceless  jewel and I will love you from now till eternity. Good afternoon dear, have an amazing day.

16 This is when the work pressure is usually at its peak, I want to wish you a good afternoon so that you know my thoughts are with you. May God be with you today. Have a great day.

17  I want you let you know how the beautiful words that come out of your mouth make me come to life whenever you say it. You are indeed special and I value you so much. Good afternoon dear. Have a nice day.

18 I just wish we get a day soon, where we can spend together in fun and bliss. When will you be on leave so that we can plan a getaway together. I love you darling, good afternoon.

19 I want to appreciate you for being a part of my whole existence. You are an amazing human being who s selfless in everything. You have completely changed my orientation and my world is more complete with you in it. Thanks for being a part of my life. Good afternoon to you love.

20 You have brightened my life with your love. You have illuminated my ways with your affection and I say thank you for loving me. You filled my life with beautiful colours and your love has given me every reason to love life again. Good afternoon my love. Have a great day.

21 I wish you are here with me so you could kiss my worries away, but I am sure you are busy with work already. Have a great afternoon my dear. God’s grace on you in all your ways.

You can share these good afternoon Tuesday messages as you deem it fit, and you can also tweak the messages for your love.

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