You want to make your man start getting crazy feelings up his head down to his loins? Then you should fastrack this by checking out my collections of steamy text messages to send your man.

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Now, whether you want him to go all the way still depends on you, but then, finding the steamy text messages to send your man can take your dating and relationship game to a whole new level.

See what you need to do? Check out these 20+ collections of steamy text messages to send to your man and let me have your thoughts when you are done checking it out!

Let’s start shall we?

10 flirty and steamy text messages to send your man

1 This night I am going to bite you, hit your bums, and make you totally belong to me. I want to mark you out completely as mine and this is why I have been fixing and re-fixing my nails. I am waiting for you and I am ever ready.

2 I have a beautiful surprise for you tonight, and I am sure you will scream in total submission when you get the surprise. All you need to do is be my houseboy fo just two hours. Let me do all I need to do, and you will never remain the same again.

3 I had this crazy sexual dream about you last night and I just can’t seem to get it out of my head since. I want to relay it to you, but I am scared that you will go all crazy and hard on me. No! I will keep replaying it in my head. No talking to you!

4 I miss your domination, the way you treat me like I totally belong to you. The way you curve your hands around me and whisper those crazy ideas that we eventually try out. I miss your crazy, hot and hard body pressed against mine. I hope you will not be too tired tonight, I got a gift for you!

5 Get your body out of that gym man, I need you strong and healthy for the gym tonight in the bedroom. I am going to make passionate love to you and make you go crazy when I get you between me.

6 This night, please undress me carefully and slowly. This night please bite every part of my body and nimble at the tips of my round flesh. This night I want you to make me wet even before we get started. This night, all I want is YOU!

7 Tell me the 5 parts of my body that you are crazy about and I promise to submit two of them totally to you.

8 I go crazy whenever you kiss me. There is that part of me that you kiss and then I moan and scream out loud, don’t you ever stop kissing there. Infact I want you in there tonight.

9 Hey baby, Tell me the level of desperation that you feel whenever you want to have me, and I will determine the extent of your passion and then see if we can turn your desperation to reality tonight. Agree?

10 Hey baby, I have been having difficulty unhooking by bar! Could you please help me with that tonight at my place? Should I expect you already?

10+ crazy and steamy text messages to send your man

11 Hey darling, what is your work schedule today? Are you going to be busy? I was just surfing through some blogs online and I just discovered some new love making positions I want us to try out. They are really crazy. What do you think?

12 I am trying to understand why this happens all the time but I just don’t get it. Anytime you lick my ears. My heart beats fast, my body throbs in fluid passion and my legs go weak for you.

13 I want to see how good your lips are when they play recklessly between my gaps!

14 As I lay naked in bed waiting for you. I will allow you take control of everything. You are the master tonight darling. But promise me one thing, that you will take me to heaven and then bring me back to earth. Promise me that and I am all yours.

15 I love it whenever you grow all naughty in bed, always wanting me and never getting tired. It makes me happy, excited and sets my body on fire. Don’t you ever stop doing that.

16 We have this crazy sexual chemistry between both of us, and this drives me crazy whenever I think of it. There is no one in this world that can make me feel as special as you make me. I just get goose pimples and shiver in coital bliss whenever I think about it.

17 I really appreciate the way you say ‘I love you’; when you whisper into my ears. It drives me crazy man. It really does.

18 How about both of us messing up the bed sheets tonight? We will both take off our clothes and play with all the parts of our body. We will both get each other crazy and moaning in total oblivion of whatever is happening in the world around us.

19 When your finger touches my wet floor, my legs go crazy and dance as I am about to hit the door.

20 If you promise to spend the night with me at my place, I promise to make it a night to remember for you. You know what I mean?

21 I just want the two of us to leave our workplace right now and try some crazy things out on the beach at night. Agree?

22 The way you kiss and frame me up with your muscular body gets me all hot and excited. I just can’t wait to hug you later today!

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