The 3 bloggers 1 night is an event introduced to support and promote the work of bloggers in Nigeria. The event is also set aside to recognize bloggers’ contribution to fashion and lifestyle in the Country.

On the 6th of March, in Ikoyi, three outstanding and creative souls; Denola Gray, Oge Agu and Ozinna will be on hand to share experiences on blogging in the get together which would be hosted by Yetty D.

Venue is Samantha’s Bistro and time has been slated for 5pm. As expected, there would be great food, music and immense networking as it will provide established and popular bloggers the opportunity to meet and have fun, and also the new and creative bloggers to associate themselves with the popular bloggers and network. It will be fun, won’t it?

This event is proudly Supported by Absolut, Zaron, Ochala,, Arcadia TV, Bella Naja, Kamdora, 360nobs,, Exquisite Magazine, Samanthas bistro, The Village Grille, Kali Burger Bar, Lean kid, Unravel GFX, Maccs Entertainment.

We are so going to be there, because we want to have fun and network. Winks!

I just pray we have that opportunity to interview one of the bloggers…Don’t mind me, i am an extrovert and i want to acquire knowledge.

If you are a new/ aspiring/ dreaming blogger…LOL!, join us on Sunday, March 6 2016.

I can’t wait…will be massive fun!

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The brain behind Deedeesblog, Detola is a content writer, relationship coach, documentary photographer and Editor. Detola loves LOVE and believes that love is the greatest gift humans can give to one another. He coined the name thePhotoblogger after realizing how much he loves to tell visual stories of people and places. His vision is to document people living under $1 per day and places with tremendous potentials for investment opportunities. Deedeesblog is a platform of life and love documentary. Connect with Detola on

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