Got a new friend? Share these great friendship messages to show that you are very much into the new friendship. You should know by now that friends appreciate thoughtful messages. Messages that come from deep within the heart.

Sometimes, our friends become our love partners, especially when they are the opposite sex. You never can truly under estimate the value of friendship until you put your all into it. Friendship can lead to trust, companionship and even love. You are aware of this by the way!

Check through these amazing friendship messages I have for you, relive the memory and share as much as you love to those friends or that one friend that you really care about.


20 Good Friendship messages for a new friend

Who would want to send friendship messages if they are not good? That’s why you need to check out these good friendship messages lined up for you. Thank me later!

1. You are my great friend, you mean the world to me. For this I will try as much as possible to bring value to the table. I would not want to lose you for anything in the world, because I now realize how truly special and important you are. Thank you for being my best new friend.

2. I will never underestimate the power of friendship. I will never underestimate your power in my life. I will never give up on you and our friendship because you are one great person that God has sent my way. Thanks for being my friend.

3. You cannot keep your friendly feelings within yourself. You will always want to share it out with people. You can’t also just share your friendly feelings that just anybody, there is the need to search carefully for that great friend to share unique friendship with. You are that great friend and I will continue to appreciate our friendship forever. I appreciate you a lot.

4. A good friend remembers you even when you forget him/or her. You have done this many times in the course of our new found friendship and I will appreciate you for this. I pray that God opens mighty doors for you this season and you will remain happy anywhere you find yourself.

5. Whenever I miss you, I just stare at the last picture we took together and those friendly feelings come rushing down to me again. You are a true and great friend and you deserve the best of my friendship. I appreciate you a lot. Thanks for being my new friend.

6. My prayer to God is to keep our friendship together forever. I pray to him to also help me protect you so that forever will be an everyday worthy mention in our lives. I respect you and value our friendship. You are a great friend.

7. You are like mornings because you are my friend. I know that you can;t stay with me every minute of the day, but I am sure you will provide the required moral support anywhere you are to keep me though the day.

8. We have bonded in such an amazing way. I thought it was going to take long for our eternal bond to be released by God but he sure released it on time. You are so wonderful and special and you are the best new thing that has happened to me. I love you, friend.

9. God has given us the opportunity to use 86,400 seconds per day. I want to use this second right now to thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I pray we never have any cause to stop this friendship. Amen.

10. God has sent you into my life for a reason. That I don’t know yet, but the way we have settled with each other and become one, as if we had known each other for a long time is amazing. God has something in mind by bringing you to me, and that is this friendship that we have right now.

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11. Thank you for being my friend. I can say this every minute of the day to show you how much I love to be your friend. Thanks for saving me from the bane of loneliness.

12. If we fight anytime soon, I pray that it will not degenerate to the point that we won’t be able to make up and get back together. I love you too much to lose you my friend. Thanks for being such an amazing and special friend.

13. I feel so proud of myself because I put myself up to meet someone as amazing as you. You are a great person and I am truly lucky to come in touch with someone so unique and different as you. Thanks for giving my life a meaning. Thanks for helping me through life phases.

14. The best kind of friend is the one you can sit and share lots of secrets with. You are my best kind of friend because I am able to tell you so many things and you are ready to accept me for who I am. You are friend with a difference. Thank you for coming into my life.

15. Meeting you was ordained by God. People will say it was a coincidence but I will say it was our written destiny to meet the way we met. We have been together like brothers and you have shown me true blood in friendship. I will continue to value you every single day.

16. When I needed a good friend, you came into my life and became a great friend. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Thank you for everything.

17. I pray that I will never have any reason to do anything that will make you regret this friendship. I love you always.

18. Our friendship gave me life, joy and hope that I will not die lonely. Thank you for everything.

19. Our friendship is the definition of destiny! We were destined to be friends because God had already signed the friendship agreement.

20. Thank you for making me whole. Thank you for being the best thing to ever happen to me this year!

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