9/11 memorial. 16 years on and the September 9/11 attacks seemed just like yesterday. Today we are celebrating the September 9/11 memorial and my heart goes out to those who lost their family and friends at that time.

Most of us knew how we received in shock the horrifying information of the terrorists attacks on 9/11/2001 and whenever we think about it now, it looks fresh in our hearts. I have decided to share 50 amazing 9/11 memorial quotes and sayings for our read and ‘maybe’ use, in remembrance of the devastating 9/11 attacks.

9/11 memorial quotes

1 If there is anything at all that I have learned from the 9/11 attacks. I have learned that life is short for all of us and anything can happen at anytime. Live well and live good. Who knows what tomorrow may bring.

2 I learned one thing from the 9/11 September attack, that if we cannot come together to fight for one cause in peace, something tragic will make us come together and that was what the September 9/11 taught all of us. For the first time in a long time, people all over the world came together to have one common voice, the fight against hate and terrorism.

3 A lot of people risked their lives for others, soldiers ran up the stairs, into the smoke, into the fire at the Pentagon. People in the flight 93 sacrificed their lives, strangers turned into allies. A worst day in the lives of every American, yet it brought out the best in everyone.

4 Believe me when I tell you this, the 9/11 memorial reminds us all of the worst day in the whole of America’s history yet the best day for all of us. You know why? Because it brought us all together in unity with one voice as a Country. September 11 reminded us of who we are what what we stand for. September 11 is a day we won’t forget forever.

5 The 9/11 memorial is a kind reminder that life is indeed a gift that is precious. It is therefore our duty to appreciate life as it is and remember that we need to devote a part of our lives to helping and supporting one another. We have a duty to preserve the September 11 and ensure that the world never forgets what happened on this day.

9/11 memorial remembrance quotes, 9/11 never forget quotes

6 The 9/11 is a day that reminded us of the importance of the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness can help us heal from the wounds of the death of those we lost in the attacks.

7 Time will always come and go, but for the September 9/11 attacks, there will just be no forgetting of the events that happened that day. We will always remember everyone who survived the attacks and died during the attacks. We will not forget those families that grief  and we will always have them in our prayers. We will never forget the fire, dust, screams, cries and the gory site of bricks, burnt flesh and wreckage. We will always remember the funerals, and the events that happened after. They will live in our hearts.

8 The true American spirit will live above this tragedy and will be together for many years to come.

9 In loving memory of all the victims of the 9/11 attacks and in honour of all the heroes who laid down their lives for the good of the nation. We love you all.

10 We celebrate with all Americans on this day of 9/11 memorial and we pray that God will continue to stay with all families who lost their loved ones on this tragic day. may God be with everyone.




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