Looking for a prayer for Thursday, I have just the perfect prayer here for you! How deep do you want it to be? You should check this out and thank me for sharing later.

A prayer for Thursday 1

Dear Lord, thank you for another Thursday, please grant me the wisdom, tenacity and courage to go through this Thursday. When it seems like I am about to give up, help me right from heaven to keep moving. Create in me a new heart and a cheerful soul to stay happy when things do not turn out the way I want them. Give me the strength to get everything done and let me achieve more than I intend to achieve today. Thank you lord because I know you have answered already. May your name be praised. Hallelujah!

A prayer for Thursday 2

I woke up feeling say today. I feel so heavy, like there is a heavy burden on me. I am overwhelmed, tired and sapped. I am not really sure of how I am going to go about today, and that’s why I am here before you. Please help and show me what I need to do. help me with this burden dear Lord, do not let me die on this journey. Keep me fresh and refreshed so that I will not feel heavy and tired anymore, Bless me oh Lord, in Jesus everlasting name I’ve prayed. Amen.

A prayer for Thursday 2

Help me today oh God, to remember how to make you what is important in my life today. Wake me up physically and spiritually and grant me with the spirit and desire to meet you at every point in my life. Let me be a speaker of your word and grant me the wisdom to remain confident in you. As I prepare to start today, please start and end the day with me. Le me be a child that lives and breathes in your glory. Amen!







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