Richard could not believe anyone could call him.

It’s been long he heard someone call his name.

No one ever called his name since he came into that school.

He surprisingly turned to see the caller and he saw the lunatic girl running after him.

He should have known it was her from her tiny voice, he thought as he stood at a spot.

“You really walk fast,” she said as she caught up with him.

“Why can’t you stop disturbing me?” he roared.

“You forgot this,” she said giving him the phone.

Richard stood there and stared at her hand for some minutes before taking it from her.

“Thank you” he murmured under his breath and walked away.

“Have you forgiven me?” she shouted behind him.

Richard ignored and continued walking away.

“This is the last time I’m going to apologize, I’m so sorry for accusing you wrongly” she shouted.

Hearing her persistent tiny voice behind him brought a smile to his face.

“What could be wrong with him? Why is he so bitter?” Nicky thought as she returned to the class.


“I think it’s time to go and teach that stupid girl a lesson. She thinks she is smart and can insult us just like she did.” Derrick said.
“You’re right, we have to show her that this campus belongs to us” Dickson who had to be silent earlier added.

“I heard her name is Nicky,” Donald said.

“So because her name is Nicky she now thinks she is Nicki Minaj abi?” Derrick jested in a quizzical manner.

“Where can we find her?” Dickson asked

“This girl always like forming, she always goes to the library,” Donald said.

“As a world reader or wetin?” Dickson mockingly asked.

“I even heard she had a problem with Richard,” Dickson said.

“That serves her right, she thinks she can talk anyhow. Anyway, we will still attack her” Derrick said.

“Of course,” Donald said.

“Which time does she visit the library?” Derrick asked.

“I’ve severally seen he there during the evening time” Donald announced to his now questionnaire.

“Perfect! That time would be easy and free for us to attack her” Derrick said.

“So, are we going this evening?” Dickson asked.

“Yes, no time to waste,” Derrick said.


When it was a few minutes to five in the evening, Nicky took her bag in the usual manner and headed to the library.

The D3 guys had been hanging around the library to know when their target would arrive, and just as expected, soon they saw her moving into the library.

Their plan was to attack her when she comes out when the day would have gotten darker.

They took different positions where they sat waiting for her.

After waiting for what seemed like ages and they didn’t see Nicky, they then became worried.

Derrick checked his time and it was almost 8 at the dot.

What is still keeping her? Had she left through another path? Is she a witch to know that danger awaits her and she tries to avoid it? Derrick thought as his anger increased.

After Nicky arrived at the library, she only studied for an hour and before she knew it sleep came and took her away.

She did not even know it was time to go until the Liberian came to wake. “Please, Miss we are about to close for the day,” the Liberian said to her.

Nicky sluggishly opened her eyes but quickly realized that she had been sleeping in a public place and it was already late. She quickly packed her things rather hurriedly and headed for the library’s exit.

When she came outside, she realized everywhere was quiet and calm – due to the dangerous people in the campus, students don’t keep late nights.

Once it’s six o’clock in the evening every single student would be at his/her lodge. She checked her time and it was a few minutes after eight.

She assured herself nothing was going to happen to her as she started walking her way home.

As soon as she made a few steps away from the library, she felt torch lights on her face, directly into her eyes.

She quickly used her arm to block the light that was penetrating her eyes.

The next thing she heard was male voices.

“Get down on your knees” Donald commanded.

“Why? For what? What did I do?” She asked with a voice gradually growing shaky.

“I said you should kneel down and you still had guts to talk, claiming nonsense right, do you want me to break your head?” Derrick shouted at her.

Looking at their mean faces and the weapons they were carrying, she went quickly on her knees.

“So you think you could insult us and go scot-free? Derrick asked with a smile forming on his face.

“Please I’m sorry I will never insult you again” Nicky pleaded as she recognized them as the D3 guys.

“Common will you shut up” Dickson shunned her.

“You should have pleaded with us that day but you were so arrogant that you continuously rained curses on us” Derrick said.

“Please forgive me I promise to…”

“Donald ties her up” Derrick ordered.

Donald got a piece of cloth and tied her mouth so that she would not scream. Dickson helped him in tying her hands and legs as she struggled to feed herself from their grip.

“You are going to watch yourself die slowly today” Derrick assured her. “What next? “Donald asked Derrick as soon as they finished tying her up.

“Take her into the bush” Derrick said as he pointed to a nearby bush.

Donald and Dickson bent down to carry Nicky but a deep masculine voice cut through the dark, stopping them from moving any further.

“Don’t lay a finger on that girl” the voice confidently ordered.

The D3 guys were so surprised to hear that. Who is that mortal who has the audacity to interrupt their mission?

Nicky was also surprised and she quickly turned to see whom her savior might be.

Behold, she saw Richard walking towards them.

Why is he here? Now the four maddest guys are complete, she thought…

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