Richard increased his movement as to avoid the rain while Nicky ran after him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked Nicky when he noticed that she was taking the same direction as him.

“I’m following you”

“Following who?”

“You of course”

“To where?”

“Wherever you’re going”

“Are you insane? do you know where I’m going to?”


“I’m going to my house if you don’t know”

“No problem, I can still go with you. I guess it’s nearer than mine, mine is still far please”

“Oh God! I can’t believe this, what are you coming to do in my house? are you well at all? better turn back and take the path to your place” he said.

“Please, Richard do you want me to die? Just look at the rain it’s becoming too heavy. It might carry me if I continue with it” she said.

“How does that concern me? If the rain carries you then you go with it” he said with a blank face.

“Please Richard and besides I’m still having this feeling that those three guys would be waiting for me at my place,” she said.

“She really made a good point, what if the evil guys make another plan for her tonight?” Richard thought.

“So what are you insinuating?” Richard asked her.

“Please allow me to spend the night at your place” she pleaded.

“What? What did you just say? Do you even know what you’re saying?”

“Yes I do”

“You’re very very…”

“Please, I promise not to disturb you. Are you avoiding me for a reason? Do you have a guy waiting for you?” she asked.

“Why do you ask?”

“Nothing I just wanted to talk”

“And this is how you will be talking, disturbing me up and down unnecessarily if I allow you?”

“Nooo, I will not disturb you I promise”

“Hold your promise, I will only allow you on one condition and…”

“Which is?”

“Can’t you allow me to finish?”


“For yourself. I will only allow you on the condition that you zip up your mouth”

“Sure Sir, consider it done,” she said saluting him.

Soon Richard got to his lodge, opened the door and they both entered.

“The kitchen is over there, you can go and prepare yourself something to eat, don’t break my plates for me,” he said pointing at the direction of the kitchen.

“What about you? Are not going to eat?”

“Don’t ask me just forget about me?” he said and disappeared.

It was already late so she decided to prepare a simple food. She prepared Noodles and after eating she cleared everywhere.

“Follow me let me show you where you will sleep,” Richard said to her when he realized that she had finished eating.

He led the way while she followed behind.

“You can sleep here tonight,” he said to her when they arrived at a mighty bedroom. He wanted her to sleep there so that no harm could come to her. It was his bedroom, a well furnished one.

“Here?” She doubtfully asked.

“Are you deaf?”

“But is this not your bedroom?”

“Any problem?”

“Where will you sleep? Or are you going to sleep with me?”

This girl is so crazy I was not mistaken when I regarded her a lunatic!

“What makes you think I will sleep in the same room with you let alone in the same bed? Do you want me to have a bad nightmare? I can only endure seeing this ugly face of yours in real life but to see it in my dream? I don’t want it. I bind and cancel it. You’re not even my type, I’m only doing this out of pity”

“I never asked you to sleep with me (how can a gay sleep with a girl) I was only concerned”

“Don’t be concerned about me. And again, before you climb that bed make sure you take a shower because I don’t like dirty people staying around me” he said and left the room.

“Gosh!!!” She exclaimed throwing one of his pillow on the floor “he is too arrogant for my liking. Who does he think he is? A President’s son or what? I should have gone to my place instead of coming here to be insulted by this punk! But his house is really beautiful. I wonder where he got the money he used in furnishing it.

After taking a shower she had wanted to go and wish him a good night but remembering the promise she made not to disturb him she decided against it.

She slept comfortably on his bed and left the next day, very early in the morning.

Richard was so surprised to wake up and found out that she had gone without even caring to say goodbye or even thank me for accommodating her” he thought.

That same day, on her way to lecture, Nicky caught a glimpse of Richard. Yea this must be him, she thought as she quickly ran to him.

People were surprised to see her moving that close to Richard.

“Good morning” She greeted as soon as she got to him.

“Same to you” Richard replied.

“How was your night?” She asked, but he ignored.

“Hope you slept well? “She asked again but he again ignored her.

“Did you later eat anything before sleeping? I wanted to check on you last night but…”

“Check on me for what? Ah, are you now flirting with me? Richard quickly cuts in knowing that she will not stop questioning him.

“Flirt with you? how?” she asked.

“I have already told you that you’re not my type. Which part of YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE do you not understand? Oh, don’t you have a mirror? Maybe I should give by a mirror that would constantly remind you of how ugly you are” he said.

“Keep on insulting me, I will just take it as a revenge on the insult I gave you the last time but the fact that girls are not attracted to you does not mean that I’m ugly.” She said.

“I think you need a good mirror because that one you’re using is fake and it’s deceiving you,” he said as he smiled within himself at his sense of humor.

“You can say whatever you like but all I know is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

“Not in your own case”

“I’ve never seen such an annoying guy like you, you’re so irritating!” Nicky angrily said and walked ahead of him.

“You’re even more irritating,” Richard said as he finally let out a smile seeing that he had finally provoked the lunatic girl. At least she would keep her distance from now on.

His thought was wrong as he got into the class and saw her sitting on his seat, exactly at his own sitting position.

Everyone curiously waited to see what his reaction would be but instead, he went and sat next to her.

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