Richard’s father, Williams Dominic is a very wealthy man who owns the highest bag producing company in the country.

He wasn’t happy about how things were going on between him and his son Richard.

He had always wanted the best for him.

He wanted Richard to study abroad but Richard turned him down even though he (Richard) so much wanted to travel out of the country but his pride would not allow him easily accept his father’s offer.

But few weeks back, he had finally accepted his father’s offer after realizing it was for his own benefit.
He had made that decision before he met the lunatic girl.

Everything required for his travel was now done and dusted. He was only waiting for the day of his travel.

He was to travel directly from the school since he wouldn’t want to meet his father.

After getting his things ready, someone came to his mind – the lunatic girl!

He had only known her for a week and a few days but she had altered his personality!

She was the only friend he made in that school.

The only person that has the mind to come close to him without minding that he was a sadist.

She came and explore the part of him that was hidden for long.

At least he has to inform her of his departure, but it was then that it occurred to him that he did not know her name let alone having her contact!

How could he be so dumb? Staying with someone for days but didn’t know her name whereas she knew his name.

How could he reach her now? Possibly there is no way he could reach her since he didn’t even know her name, her contact or her address.

The most complicated part of the situation is that there was no time for him to go in search of her because that would cause him to miss his FLIGHT!

Nicky went to the class and sat down at her usual place while she waited for Richard’s arrival.

She waited until the end of the class but she didn’t see Richard.

Is he avoiding me? That made him change his seat to avoid been disturbed by my mouth?

Well, if he is avoiding me I think I should let him be, Nicky thought and left.

The next day she came early and sat at the back to know when Richard would arrive.

She waited until the room got filled up and there was still no sign of Richard.

She thought of visiting him but decided against it on the ground that he would accuse her of flirting with him and his usual statement YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE!

She came to the class the next day and noticed a lot of changes.

Everywhere was so noisy as students gathered at different angles discussing what was best known to them.

She became more surprised when she saw some girls sitting on Richard’s seat. It was then that she knew that something was amiss.

“What is going on here?” She finally asked a student standing beside her.

“Haven’t you heard?” the student asked.

“Heard what?”

“That Richard has left the school”

“What? Left the school? How? When? I mean are you serious about this?” She surprisingly and confusingly asked.

“Are you asking me? He is your friend so you should know better than I do” the student said and walked away.

It’s true she was talkative but on hearing this news she became dumb.

Without a second thought, she headed straight to his lodge.

When she got there, she found out that the whole place was empty. She couldn’t believe her eyes, she was there a few days ago. How could he pack out just like that? What happened? Did he leave because I was pestering around him?

“People may call you a dangerous guy but I see you as a gentle, cool and funny guy.

It’s so sad that you didn’t inform me of your departure but I will always miss the moments I spent with you, they were all fun” Nicky said to herself as she walked around the empty house.

Nicky began to feel insecure and lonely due to the fact that Richard had left.

He had been her savior that night and she owes him for that.

The evil D3 guys clearly stayed away from her because of Richard.

He was the only friend she had since she came into that school but now he is gone and there is no other person to protect her, she really has to be courageous and face anyone that looks for her trouble.

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