“Sir there is something I would like to tell you” Mr Jones a director in Mr William’s company said to him.

“Go ahead” Williams Dominic urged him.

“It’s about your son Richard”

“What happened? What did he do this time around?”

“He is not properly handling the position he occupies in this company”

‘So what did you want me to do?” Mr Williams Dominic asked confusingly. Ever since Richard came back from the States and joined his company, it has been from one complain to another. He had been so mean to everyone and does anything that would displease his father.

“Maybe you should just call him and talk to him” Mr. Jones suggested.

“Alright I will try talking to him,” Mr. Williams said.

“Richard what is wrong with you? do you want to bring down my company? Mr Williams shouted at Richard whom he summoned in his office.

“Please don’t shout at me because I never asked you to offer me a job, you forced me” Richard said.

“Richard you’re a fool”

“And you’re a father to a fool”

“Richard, why are you this way? You have been like this for the past years, always having issues with me”

“You caused it and don’t even try to play innocent here,” he said as he turned to leave.

“Come back here, Richard”

“Get me an assistant who would manage that position with me because I’m not interested, or better still, get someone to replace me” Richard said and slammed the door behind him.

Mr. Williams had become so tired of Richard. The stupid boy wants to ruin his future but he would rather get him an assistant than to give him the pleasure he seeks by replacing him.

He was still killing himself with worry when his office telephone rang. His secretary was the caller!

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