“Hello,” Mr. Williams said, whilst listening to the other end of the phone.

“Sir the young lady who came yesterday is here to see you” the secretary announced from the other end of the phone.

“Let her in” he ordered, and dropped the call.


“So do you think you can do this job?” Mr. Williams asked the young lady sitting in front of him in his office.

“Yes sir. I can” the young lady replied, with a rather fearful but not doubting, tone.

“Are you sure? ”

“Yes sir”

“Maybe I should give you more time to think about this job”

“No sir there is nothing to think about again, I can do the job,” the lady said.

“I think you are saying because you don’t know the person who you would be personally assisting, you have not seen. I don’t think anyone can work with him because this person I’m talking about is my biological son. He is so strict that he associates with no one, and that’s more of the reason I’m doubting if you can do this job”

“Why is he not associating with people? Is he a beast or a monster? I mean how can a human being…” The young lady quickly paused on seeing the man’s facial expression. He wasn’t happy about what she just said about his son.

“Sorry Sir, I don’t mean to insult your son but…”

“No need for long talk, are you doing the job or not?”

“Since he is a human being and not a mons…, sorry, like I said earlier, I will do it”

“Okay come let me take you to his office,” Mr. Williams said and they both left.

On their way to Richard’s office, Mr. Williams phoned Richard “I’m coming to your office right now with the personal assistant you requested for”

“Personal what? You don’t mean it! That’s not what I…” Richard was still talking when his father cut the phone.

Richard was so angry, so his father wants to torment him? How can he get a personal assistant for him?

He clearly knew that he doesn’t associate with people, what he said earlier about an assistant never came from his heart. It was a slip of tongue, he only wanted to hurt his father by saying that.

He stood up from his seat and started roaming about his office.

Out of annoyance he faced the wall and used his fist against it while backing the door.

He remained in that position until his father came in with the assistant. But still, he didn’t want to turn around.

“Here is the personal assistant you had requested,” Mr. Williams said.

“Both of you should leave my office now” Richard roared still having his back on them.

“Are you talking to me your father?”

“I said you should leave my love office this minute” Richard thundered and that brought fear into the young lady.

A person who treats his father like this, how much more would he treat her, a stranger? He is a beast and a monster as I have earlier said.

Well, there is still time to back out, the young lady thought to try to comfort herself.

“You can’t be serious Richard because I’ve already brought a lady who would be your assistant,” Mr Williams said.

A lady? The sound of that word rang in his head immediately. How can his father think of bringing a Lady to work for him? He must be out of his mind, Richard thought as he quickly turned to face them.

“If the two of you fail to leave my office this minute I will…” He suddenly stopped as he saw the lady starring intently at him.

“Richard is this you?” the lady doubtfully asked.

“You again? Why are you here?” Richard also asked with utmost amazement when he recognized the young lady as the lunatic girl!

“Do you know him?” Mr. Williams surprisingly asked the lady.

“Yes sir I knew him from school”

“Well, since you know each other, I think I would be leaving the two of you now. He is the person you would be assisting” Mr. Williams said and left the two of them.

This lunatic girl again? he thought he would never see her again even though he always remember her as the only friend he has had in his entire life. He thought they would never see again but she is just there before him, ready to be his personal assistant.

“Why are you this angry?” Nicky asked him.

“It’s none of your business”

“Then I guess I should offer myself a seat since you don’t want to,” Nicky said as she Sat down on one of the seats.

Richard angrily glared at her.

“Wow! Do you know that you look more handsome and cute whenever you are angry, with those sexy eyes” Nicky smilingly said
He wanted to react but his phone started ringing.

After answering the call, he picked his briefcase and walked towards the door ignoring Nicky. Nicky stood up and followed him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked her.

“Following my boss of course”

“You better leave this place”

“I’m only doing my job, remember I’m now an employee working for you. Your father employed me to be your personal assistant and I don’t see the reason why…”

“So irritating,” Richard said and continued walking while she followed him.

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