Nicky woke up to her phone ringing.

It was Richard, he had asked her to come to his place.

Nicky got herself ready and left for his house.

She knocked on his door for a couple of minutes before the door finally made way for her to come in. She saw Richard putting on a towel around his waist.

Other parts of his body were bare as water dripped from his body.

It’s obvious he came directly from the bathroom.

Nicky blushed on seeing him like that and she quickly turned her back on him.

“Good Lord! How could you come to open the door for me looking like that? Without putting on anything.”

“I’m putting on something”

“No, it’s not enough”

I’m in my house and you don’t tell me what I should put on and what not to put on. Are you coming in or not?”

Nicky slowly turned to him as she used her hands to cover her eyes and went in.

Richard stared at her as he smiled at her childish attitude. This girl is really stupid and funny at the same time.

He closed the door and walked up to Nicky. He got to her and removed her hands from her eyes.

“Why are you being silly? Haven’t you seen a man’s bare chest before?” he asked her.

“No, I haven’t,” she said looking away.


“Honestly I haven’t”

“Are you sure?” he asked as he started coming towards her.

“What is it?” she asked as she moved back but Richard continued coming to her.

“Richard, what is it?”

“Do you still think of me as a gay? Do you still have the impression that I’m a gay?” He asked as he kept moving towards her.

“Why do you ask?” she asked as a little fear gripped her.

“I want to prove you wrong”


“Let me show you”

“What do you mean?” she asked and before she knew it, her back has gotten to the wall. It was the end of the road for her.

Richard smiled on seeing that she could no longer move backward.

He came very close to her in a way that their bodies almost touched.

She quickly closed her eyes as she saw Richard bringing down his face to hers.

What is he trying to do? Is this a dream or reality? Did he want to kiss me? she thought.

When she waited for the kiss and nothing happened, she slowly opened her eyes. She opened her eyes and realized that Richard was gone. He was facing his television, trying to put it on.

She was speechless and then his voice came to her “at least you should have known by now that you’re not my type. You’re too silly and childish for my liking. Let me just put your
ugliness aside” he said.

She has become so familiar with his insults, YOU’RE NOT MY TYPE, precisely. At first, she found it funny and amusing when she thought he was gay. But now that she had
realized he isn’t a gay, his insults made her feel

Why is she not good for his liking? Is she not a woman?

“Why did you call me? I thought you asked me not to come to work today, that I should rest at home?”

“Yea I called you for a reason”

“What reason is that?”

“You will be following me to a party tonight”

“A party?”

“Are you surprised? haven’t you gone to a party before?”

“I have”

“Thank God you have. So now we would be going to the boutique to get some things.”


When they got to the boutique, Richard persisted on picking clothes for her saying that her taste of cloth was awkward, that he knew what would fit her best.

She relaxed and allowed him to take control of everything while she watched him play responsible gentleman. He was to pick her up from her place when the time for the party comes. Richard drove the car by himself and headed to her place which was directed to him by his driver.

He pulled up when he got to her place, took his phone to inform her he was already around. After some minutes he saw a lady coming out of the building but he looked away still expecting to see Nicky.

He never knew she was the lady until she approached his car. It was then that it dawned on him that the beautiful lady he had just seen was Nicky.

He never knew she was this beautiful but he is not going to admit it to her.

She got into the car and they both drove off. Nicky never knew Richard was popular until they got to the party.

As soon as they both got down from the car, the sound of photo shoot filled the air as reporters ran to them.

Richard had become familiar with the reporters’ annoying questions all the time. That’s why he doesn’t like attending events. He must surely encounter them whenever he does.

Nicky would have fallen a victim but Richard made sure such a thing never happened.

Seeing the surprised expression on her face, he gently took her hand into his own “do not talk to any of them, just keep walking with me like this” he said to her.

“I believe you’re the Nicky who is always spotted to Richard. So who are you to him? Are you his personal assistant or his girlfriend?” a reporter asked Nicky.

Nicky was so surprised that the press knew her name.

They were surrounded by reporters and what she kept hearing was “you’re Nicky right? What relationship do you have with Richard Dominic?

Who are you to him? Are you his girlfriend?

All these questions were coming to her from different angles but she ignored all of them just as Richard had asked her to.

People were surprised to see Richard with a girl as they all started murmuring.

Richard and Nicky were both welcomed warmly and they sat together.

Been too close to Richard is now becoming uncomfortable for Nicky because she had started developing feelings for him.

The reason why she had been close to him before was that she thought he was gay and it was fun being with him but now she had started feeling insecure about her feelings for him.

Though he is arrogant, she is liking him more with every single minute that passes by. She soon noticed that there was a lady pestering around Richard.

In order to avoid the lady, Richard became more interactive with her – Nicky.

The lady made him so many offers of which Richard successfully turned all down.

The lady later asked him to dance with her when the time for dancing comes. But when the time came, Richard took Nicky to the dancing floor. That was in a bid to avoid the lady.

He was just acting but Nicky was already falling for it.

She couldn’t stand the touch of his arms around her waist as their bodies touched. He was her boss but she was crushing on him.

She became uncomfortable that her heart started to beat faster.

What has gotten over her? Why is she having this kind of feeling for a guy who doesn’t even like her? She thought to try to control her emotions.

Richard noticed the tenseness of her body and held her more firmly.

She blushed every now and then and refused to look at him.

Richard did not want to see the other Lady anywhere around him and so when he spotted her staring at him and Nicky, he gently took Nicky’s face in his palms lifted it up and kissed

Nicky was so surprised, she never ever expected a kiss from Richard after the other day’s incident.

She was taken unaware that she became too weak to oppose him. And besides, he overpowered her with kisses that she could not resist him. She just stood still as she allowed him to have his

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