“This school belongs to us and there is nothing anyone can do about it” Dickson said.

“We determine who stays or leaves on this campus” Donald added.

“Exactly guys. We run and make things happen in this school, and anyone who refuses to cooperate with us will definitely smell hell” Derrick growled.

“I heard that there is this new guy in school who’s full of himself” Dickson announced with annoyance finding home in his voice.

“In this our school?” Derrick doubtfully asked as colours of surprise sprouted immediately on his face.

“Don’t you know him?” Donald said, breaking the already tense atmosphere.

“No. Not until this moment. What the heck is his name? What department is he? When did he resume? Where is his rotten head living…?” Derrick asked facing Donald as if expecting some instant answers to his unending stream of thought developing in his mind.

“Richard. Richard Dominic, I heard one of the lecturers call him a few days ago. He’s in the department of Business Admin. Resumed a few weeks ago, and lives downtown.” Dickson replied the already fuming Derrick.

“He just came a few weeks ago and he is already feeling stubborn” Dickson added almost under his breath, as if contemplating if he needed to add such information or not.

“We need to pay him a visit! We have to let him know that he can’t behave the way he likes while on this campus because there are people who own it” Derrick replied, clenching his fists together as if ready for a fight.

“That’s for sure” Dickson agreed.

“And we have to teach him a lesson if he fails to comply with us,” Donald said.


Derrick, Dickson, and Donald are three great friends, popularly known as the D3 guys on campus. The name D3 was derived based on the first letter of their names. They were inarguably the most dangerous and heartless guys on campus. People tremble at the mention of their names especially that of Derrick.

They commit all sorts of atrocities on campus and still get away with it – not even the school authorities could do anything about it.

They were bad guys in school. They molest and beat students who refuse to bow to their commands.
No student had ever challenged them as the whole students were afraid of them.

For so many years, they had been in that school molesting and intimidating students and no single person had ever stood up to them.

Derrick quickly stood up while the other two boys followed him.

“Where can we find him?” Derrick asked.

“I’ve seen him severally sitting under that big tree behind that house,” Donald said pointing at a particular direction east of where they sat previously.

Sitting on a seat under a widely rooted tree is Richard, a guy in his twenties buried in his books. Richard who already noticed he’s being looked for, purposely gets himself even more rooted with the book he’s holding, making it serves as a façade, in order to ignore the trio.

“Are you blind?” Dickson asked Richard who obviously was trying to avoid them.

After Dickson had finished talking, they thought the guy sitting in front of them would at least raise his head to look at them, but instead, he disappointed them. Instead of looking up, Richard turned to another page of the book he was holding and continued reading.

“Just as expected,” Derrick said as he let out a wicked but short-lived smile.

“Are you deaf!” Donald screamed out loud.

But still, Richard didn’t bat an eyelid as regards his decision – refusing to look at them, which in turn annoyed them so much.

“We are talking to you and you’re here reading this useless book, are you stupid? Who do you think you are?” Derrick angrily asked as he knocked the book off Richard’s hands, leaving it to find equilibrium in the air.

Richard had been cool and gentle since he came into that school. Never wanting to mingle with anyone, and so he stays alone all the time. Keeps distance from everyone – He never had a single friend and has never cried to have one. He had been like that all his life. Right from when he was 5 years of age when he was forcefully separated from his mother. He had cried nonstop, but his father never cared about the emotions he was burnt into as a child.

His mother was accused of infidelity and that led to the divorce of she and her husband.

After the divorce, Richard’s mother became emotionally depressed which later resulted in a mental illness.

Richard had no siblings, he had been lonely all his days and he cursed the day he came into this world.
Due to how his father, Mr Roderigo Dominic treated him he ended up despising his father. Not only his father but humans generally!

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