“Angel, what the hell are you doing?” Richard shouted from inside.

Angel quickly turned to him” sweetheart I’m trying to send this Nicky of a girl away” she replied.

On hearing the word SWEETHEART, Nicky did not need any other proof to believe the lady. It was obvious they are lovers judging by the way they were both putting on towel.

Without any delay, Nicky quickly took the key from the lady and ran away.

“Nicky? “he asked as he started moving towards the door.

He got to the door and saw Nicky running in tears.

“Nicky! “he shouted her name trying to bring her back but she ignored him and ran farther.

It really hurt him to see her that way. He became so angry as his mind went back to Angel. What did the witch say to her? What is she even doing in my house?

It’s obvious that Nicky had gone, he thus angrily turned to Angel.

“What did you say to her?” Richard glared at her as he tried to put himself under control.

“Why do you want to know?” Angel asked.

“If you don’t tell me what you say to her right now, I swear you will not leave this place alive” he roared as he folds his fist.

“Richard why can’t you look at me? Am I not a woman? Is she better than me? Just take a close look at me Richard” she said as she started making a seductive move towards him and touching his bare chest.

“I’m asking you for the last time what did you say to her” he thundered as he pushed her away. He pushed her really hard that her towel undid while she landed on one of the seats in the sitting room. She became so ashamed of herself as she tried to pick the towel and cover her nakedness.

It was then that it dawned on Angel that Richard cannot be messed with. She became afraid on seeing his eyes turn pure red and she decided to speak.

“I..I.. I told her I’m your fiancée and that we would get married soon. That’s all” Angel fearfully said.

“Are you mad?” He asked trying to hit her but he stopped halfway, he doesn’t like beating women, he might end up committing murder because they are not naturally strong. “You my fiancée? Me? marry you? you must be the highest dreamer of the century. You are really crazy than a lunatic. Now get your dirty self out of my house before I go against my principle”

Richard, I love you and I believe we can work things out” she said as Richard started walking out on her. Richard went into his room and came out with her clothes. He threw the clothes at her saying ” if I go in there” pointing at a passage leading to his room, “and come and still find you here, then I will disgrace you in the highest order more than you’ve just disgraced yourself. Mark my word, I mean every single thing I say. You’re so foolish and pathetic for throwing yourself at a man who did not want you, rubbish” he said and left to get dressed.

Angel was so ashamed of herself. It’s true that her towel had gone off when he pushed her but what pained her is that he saw her nakedness and still resisted her. What kind of guy is he? She sadly got dressed and left disappointedly.


Richard knew Nicky must be really sad about what Angel told her.

The way she was running in tears shows that she was disappointed and hurt. After dressing himself he rushed out of his room.

He would have fulfilled his words if he had found Angel around.

He quickly got into his car and headed for Nicky’s place.

There was a traffic jam on the road and vehicles were not moving.

He was on a high speed but slowed down when he got to other vehicles that were lining up.

Most people decided to trek since waiting for traffic instruction inside vehicles might delay their time.

Nicky was one of those that decided to trek.

Richard was so impatient when he joined the queue and he felt like flying in his car.

As soon as vehicles started moving, he wanted to move his car but just then a careless lady stepped into the middle of the road. She was crossing the road but was not looking. She
looked so sad and depressed.

Richard did not need anyone to tell him that the Lady was Nicky judging by her appearance, her hairstyle and step precisely.

She crossed the road and went into a nearby bar.

Why is she entering into a bar instead of heading home? Richard thought as he quickly pulled up his car by the roadside.

He went into the bar and spotted her sitting position.

He took a seat that was a bit far from her and monitored her.

He watched her as she fought to hold back tears.

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