Mrs. William’s condition has gotten worse ever since Nicky stopped coming to see her.

Nicky always discussed and played with her and that made her condition to get better but it got worse when she stopped seeing her.

The doctor had advised Richard to bring Nicky back if he really wants his mother to recover quickly.

When they entered the room where Mrs. Williams stays, they saw her placing an object on her ear.

“Nicky when are you coming? I have been waiting for you but I didn’t see you. Have you abandoned me just like my husband? Please I want to see you and when coming please come along
with my son” she said after which she brought down the object from her ear.

Nicky could not behold the sight of the woman she had missed crying. She had missed her too and it really hurt her to see the woman in that state.

She quickly ran to the woman as tears dropped from her eyes.

“Oh my God! Nicky, so you received my call and finally came?” She asked as she saw Nicky running to her.

“Yes ma, I received your call and came with your son,” Nicky said as she hugged Mrs. Williams.

Richard was so surprised his mother recognized Nicky instantly whereas she finds it hard to recognize him that easily.

He had to explain himself each time he comes to visit her.

Richard sat down and watched them as they discussed and played in their usual manner. It was all fun watching them and he wondered why his mother easily accepted Nicky.

Maybe it’s because she is her fellow lunatic! Richard thought.

“I really feel for her,” Nicky said when they got back into the car.

“Anyone who truly knew her story should feel for her. The poor woman was accused and abandoned” Richard disclosed.




“Well, It’s a long story but let me cut it short,” Richard said as he started telling Nicky the story of his mother.

Soon they arrived at Richard’s place.

“Richard you said we would discuss the issue of firing me as soon we come back”

“I still remember that but there is a first question I have to answer before this one” Richard reminded her.

“Which first question?” She asked confusingly.

“Have you forgotten so soon? the question you asked me before we left in the morning and I promised to give you the answer once we are back”

“So you’re even proud to remind me of that?” She said as she understood what he meant.

“Why won’t I be proud? you asked me a question and now I want to give you the answer and you’re…”

“Alright go ahead and give me your answer Richard.

“Before I give you my answer I want to ask you this question ”

“What question?” she asked facing him.

“Nicky, why didn’t you tell me you love me?”

“Pardon? What did you just say?”

“You heard me right Nicky” what? Me? You know what, what I hate about you is that you’re arrogant Richard. You’re so full of yourself. Gosh! I can’t believe this! what gave you the impression to say that? ”

“You gave me the impression Nicky”

“Something must be wrong with your head”

“I’m okay,” he said smiling.

“Then prove it”

“You want an evidence?”


Richard brought out the device which he used to record every single thing Nicky said at the bar the previous night and played it for her.

Nicky could not believe that she said that much. That she publicly poured out her emotions and feelings for Richard. That she ended up announcing what she hid in her heart for a very long time.

The worst part of it is that Richard heard everything she said and had even recorded it. The more she listened the more she became embarrassed. She became uncomfortable with her own words. She was so disappointed that she easily gave herself out.

What? The recording did not even end at the bar? He even recorded what happened at her place? This guy is really out of his mind, she thought.

She endured the whole thing until the record got to where she started hearing kissing sounds. It’s obvious she had permitted and accepted his offer so he didn’t force her.

She became more embarrassed as she listened to the rubbish she was saying during the kiss. She could not believe those words came from her own mouth!

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