Richard while trying to contain his anger, raised his head slightly in order to see the person that had such gut to touch his book. He stood up glaring angrily at the trio standing in front of him – especially Derrick.

“See this guy ooo, e be like say you no dey fear face abi?” Dickson asked him.

“So you’re the idiot that came into this school and refused to pay homage to us right? You are…” Derrick continued talking, as if not seeing the tension gradually filling the environment.

“What gave you the gut to touch my book?” Richard angrily asked Derrick making him unable to complete his statement.

“If you must know then I will show you,” Derrick said as he punched Richard on the mouth.

Richard was so surprised because he did not see it coming.

A sharp pain and a liquid in no time developed by the corner of his mouth.

He touched his mouth, brought down his fingers and saw blood.
He spat out the blood, cleaned his mouth with the back of his hand, and laughed thereafter hysterically.

“Let me take that as a slip of the hand and I will advise you to guard that hand of yours more closely to avoid slipping again” Richard warned, still holding a weak smile hostage on his face.

“Eric I told you this guy is so full of himself” Donald reminded Derrick.

“This guy no get respect ooo” Dickson wondered aloud.

By now, students have surrounded the whole place trying to know what would happen next. They were so surprised to see that someone stood up to the D3 guys.

Derrick could not stand the fact that his ego is been hurt by a guy who just came into their school.
He couldn’t take it so he aimed a blow at Richard.

Richard caught the wave of the movement this time and successfully dodged the blow.

Derrick used his left hand to aim another blow but Richard dodged it the second time.

Out of anger and frustration, Derrick went fully to attack Richard but Richard pushed him and staggered backward.

The people shouted as Derrick almost staggered to the ground.

On hearing the students voice in favor of the new guy, Derrick’s anger then grew even fiercer with frustration beginning to find solace in his mind.

He raised his leg to hit Richard, Richard caught his leg and threw it upward which made Derrick to tumble and fall to the ground.

The shouts from the students then grew even louder than the previous one. It’s so obvious the students were indirectly mocking the Superior D3 guys, the guys that were always unbeatable, whilst praising the new guy.

Donald and Dickson had thought Derrick could handle Richard all alone, that they had to step aside but they were wrong.

The guy in question here is already beating their mighty Derrick and thereby disgracing them in front of all the students who fear them.

Donald and Dickson both attacked Richard at the same time.

Richard curved his lips in a wicked smile as he did not waste time in giving them what they wanted.

Even Derrick stood up and joined his friends but Richard constantly sent them crashing on the ground.

He defeated the trio, leaving them with bruises on their faces[dark eyes and a damaged nose.

The three guys were lying helplessly on the ground as Richard went and picked up his book, put it inside his bag and made his move out of the crowd.

The crowd created a path for him as he passed through them. The fact that he passed beside some people scared the living hell out of them.

“How can a human being beat up the D3 guys?” was the thought parading their minds all.

This new guy must be something else because he can’t be human, many students thoughtful said under their breaths as they admired his strength and courage.

Richard kept a straight face as he ignored the praises the students were singing for him and went his way.


“Oh my God! I can’t believe this” Tori, a female student exclaimed.

“This guy is so cute,” Doris said.

“Sure, he is really handsome and charming” Tori added in agreement.

“What’s his name? I’ve never seen him before” Bella asked, jumping into the conversation.

“I heard that his name is Richard, he is a new student,” Tori said.

“Wow! that’s great, the guy is so cool” Bella added again.
“Exactly, did you see how he just handled these stupid D3 guys?” Doris asked.

“Yes, and I’ve been trying to make myself believe that this guy is cool but no I don’t think he is” Tori lamented.

“Why did you say that?” Bella asked.

“Now listen, I know that this guy is new in this campus. He is gentle, quiet, handsome, charming, cute I mean everything a woman could need in a man. I like him but you need to see how this guy treated me like a leper” Tori said.

“Do you just say you like him?” Doris asked.

“Yes of course who wouldn’t like him?” Tori asked in return.

“Then I guess he didn’t like you,” Bella said.

“Who told you?” Tori angrily asked her.

“It’s obvious,” Bella said.


“You should stay away from the guy simple,” Bella said.

“It seems you want to go for the guy,” Tori said.

“Even if I go for him do I owe you an explanation?”

“You girls will never cease to amuse me. You’re here fighting over a guy who doesn’t know that we are in existence” Doris said.

“Don’t say ‘we’ just speak for yourself because he knows that I’m existing. I’ve met him severally remember?” Tori said.

“This is what we call desperation and frustration”
Bella said referring to Tori.

“You’re the one desperate and frustrated, I know you will soon run after him like a housefly, cheap thing”

Tori attacked Bella.

“You’re a bitch ” Bella retorted. “A cheap one at that”

“I never knew you girls are this silly, anyway I’m going, if you are done quarreling, you know where to find me,” Doris said as she walked away from them.

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