After the lecture, Bella saw Richard leaving the class and ran after him as if to attack him.

She deliberately ran past him in a way that she hit Richard by the side trying to paint a picture of an accident.

Their shoulders collided with force and thereby shattering the books she was carrying.
“Oh my God! I’m so sorry” Bella said as she touched Richard’s arm which collided with hers.

She quickly bent down to pack her books expecting Richard to play a gentleman in helping her pack the books.

In her mind what she expected to hear from Richard was “oh I’m sorry, can I help you pack the books?”

She was still nursing the idea in her mind when she looked up and saw Richard walking out on her.

She left the book she was packing and started looking at him until she could view his back no more.

The disappointment blew up too much on her face that she sadly packed her books and left.

The next day, she wore a short white skirt that clung tightly to her buttocks, with a red sleeveless top that bared her chest.

She came very early and hid from people’s sight. A place where she could monitor people’s movement into the lecture room. She wanted to know when Richard would enter into the lecture room.

She waited for minutes but didn’t see him.

Soon the lecture room became filled with students and still, she didn’t see Richard.

What is keeping him? Does he always come late to lectures? or is he not going to come today?

After spending more minutes and didn’t sight him, she decided to go into the lecture room.

She got into the lecture room and found out that almost all the seats were occupied except one particular seat in the middle of the class.

Though other seats were occupied, however, there were still spaces where someone can fix her or herself.

But why is no one sitting there? even the seats before and after it were both filled with students but why hasn’t anyone sit there? Bella thought as she went and sat on that seat.

“What are you doing on that seat? If you know what is good for you, you better stand from there and look for another seat” a voice from behind said to her.

“Why?” Bella asked surprisingly.

“Don’t you know that seat is meant for Richard Dominic?”

“Richard Dominic?”


“You mean Richard the new guy?” Bella happily asked.


“Worry less I know who he is” Bella smilingly said.

“You know who he is and you still want to share this seat with him?”

“Do you have any problem with that?”

“No ooo, sorry ma for disturbing you in the first place”

“You better be”

Soon after she settled down, everywhere became so calm.

Noise at first filled the atmosphere when she entered but now everywhere suddenly turned to a grave yard-so quiet.

She became very surprised by the sudden change and she started wondering what made the students to keep calm.

She turned her head around to know what happened and then she saw Richard approaching that seat.

It all started after the fight he had with the D3 guys.

Ever since then, everyone started keeping their distance from him.

Every student suddenly had this iota of fear towards him.

A guy that could beat up the D3 guys at a time must be a dangerous guy.

When Richard got to that seat (his seat), he noticed that someone was sitting there but he ignored and kept quiet.

Bella smiled at the thought of sitting in a seat with Richard.

She tried every possible tactic to draw Richard’s attention but the guy was so stubborn to look at her.

After some time, she stood up and left the seat.

To leave the seat means that she would pass where Richard was sitting.

When she got there, she deliberately brushed his leg with hers “oh I’m sorry “she apologized and left.

Soon she returned again and this time, the lecture has started.

When she got to the seat, she did not sit in her former position rather she sat very close to Richard.

She sat that close to him so that he could not avoid seeing her bared chest whenever he turns around since he refused to look at her upon all her efforts.

Richard paid rapt attention to the lecturer and refused to look at her.

She thought of what else to do and then an idea came to her head.

She started adjusting her bra. She dipped her right hand inside her bare-chested top and started touching some joints of the bra.

Since she was constantly moving her body and hand, her elbow touched Richard.

He never wanted to look at her but he is already getting pissed off and uncomfortable by what the girl was doing.

How could she hit me and pretend it was unintentional? At this point, he was forced to look at her.

What is wrong with this girl?

Looking at the girl as she was adjusting her bra, touching and packing her boobs was so disgusting.

To him, that was the worst thing he had ever seen in his life.

He realized that looking at her would mean giving her the attention and satisfaction she needed.

He knew she was the girl from the other day who accidentally collided with him.

Today she sat in the same seat with him and had deliberately brushed his leg with hers.

She intentionally went out only to come back and sit very close to him.

And now, she is making all this silly and irritating move just to get his attention.

He smiled as he took his eyes away from her.

He tore out a piece of paper and wrote:

‘Don’t come to school and advertise to people that you don’t wash your undies. If you want to touch or masturbate yourself, you should do that at home and not in school. Again, don’t seat close to me next time because I’m not interested in girls “.

He thereafter packed his books, stood up, dropped the written note and left…

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