Bella thought that he liked her and wanted to drop his contact for her. She thus quickly grabbed the note as soon as he left.

After going through it she became so ashamed of herself and disappointed.

“How could he do such a thing?” she thought as she regretted ever taking that step.

Seeing the mean guy leave the class on time kept everyone wondering why he left so early.

Everyone started looking at his seat to know if there was anything wrong.

A girl was seen sitting on his seat. No wonder, she might be the reason he left because he doesn’t like sharing his seat with anybody, the students thought.

The students sitting behind Richard’s seat were so surprised when Richard came and saw the girl and kept quiet. They monitored very closely to know what his reactions would be towards her.

They couldn’t believe it when the girl sat very close to Richard and started moving her body.

They knew that something was wrong when Richard dropped a note and left.

They wanted to know what was written in the note and just then, Bella picked up the note and read it over and over again.

When they noticed that she was not holding the note firmly, they snatched it away from her.

The first student read the note and gave it to another student. That person read it and gave it to another person.

Bella angrily turned to confront them and take the note back but the note had already circulated the whole class as everyone started gossiping, mocking and laughing at her without minding the presence of the lecturer who angrily left the class.

This was a disgrace in the highest order. Bella could not bear the shame as she stood up and ran out of the class.

That incident became the talk of the year as Bella stopped coming to lectures. The shame was too much on her that she had to change to another school.

After that incident, all the students especially female students had to guard themselves more closely in order not to go anywhere near Richard, the no-nonsense guy, so as to avoid embarrassment.



“Let’s just forget about that guy, for now, we would soon get back to him” Derrick assured his friends.

“He thinks he can go scot-free after humiliating us in public,” Donald said.

“Me I’ve been running away wherever I saw him,” Dickson said.

“You’re a coward” Derrick slammed back at Dickson.

“This one is not a matter of…” Donald stopped as soon as he saw a girl passing “who is that girl? “he asked pointing at the girl who walked pass them.

” She came yesterday,” Dickson said.

” You mean she is a new student? “Derrick asked.

” Yes ”

“Imagine, she only came yesterday but she had already started forming campus girl,” Derrick said.

“Look at the way she is walking like peacock thinking that only her beauty will keep her in this school,” Dickson said.

“My dear she is a JJC (Johnny Just Come). She did not know that it’s only the fittest and strongest that survives in this school and not by looks” Donald said slightly comically.

“By the time we frustrate her like others, she will run out of this school,” Derrick said.

They were still talking when they saw her coming back.

“Let’s just wait until she gets here,” Derrick said to them.

As soon as the girl got close to them, Donald said to her “Hey, didn’t you see us?”

The girl confusingly looked at them and asked “are you talking to me?” she asked touching herself.
“Are you mad? Who are you asking that kind of question? C’mon will you come here” Dickson said to her, making a pretentious frown sprouting on his face.

“Is this how you talk to strangers? It seems you don’t have a manner of approach” she said to them.

“What? you said the manner of approach when you passed here and refused to greet us?” Donald said.

“Is it by force to greet? I choose whom to greet and whom not to greet, understand?” she asked them.

“What even gave you the mind to talk back to us? Donald asked her.

“You, what gave you the right to tell me what to do or command me? She shouted back at him.

“It seems you don’t know where you are. If you knew you wouldn’t have the gut to stand in front of us and say rubbish” Derrick decided to talk.

“Meaning what? who do you think you are? I’m not afraid of you guys, let me tell you, do you think I’m one of those girls you can intimidate anyhow? You met the wrong person. I have an equal right with you as a student in this school” she said.

“You will soon run out of this school” Derrick threatened.

“Go ahead and do your worst” she shouted at his face.

The insult was too much on them. This was even worse than the one given to them by Richard.

A girl that just came yesterday was boldly standing before them and spitting rubbish into their faces.

Donald was so angry that Derrick was not doing something so he quickly aimed to slap the sharp-mouthed girl but Derrick held him back. “Let her go,” he said.

“Eric allow me to destroy this girl’s face maybe that’s what is making her head to swell,” Donald said as he struggled to free himself from Richard.

“Destroy whose face? come and try it now, lout!” She said as she started walking out on them.

“Guy why did you stop me from disfiguring this stupid girl who just insulted us?” Donald asked facing Derrick.

“With the anger in you, if you bounce on that girl, she might die,” Derrick said.

“The power of women lies in their tongue and if you follow that tongue you will end up committing, ” Dickson said.

“Trust me let’s plan for her and get back to her. Remember I promised her she would run away from this school” Derrick said.

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