“Does it mean he is a gay?” Nicky asked again.

“That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking,” Doris said.

“So he doesn’t even have a girlfriend?” Nicky surprisingly asked.

“You’re still talking about girlfriend. My dear he had never been seen looking at any girl let alone talking to her”

“That means he is gay and I’ve been wrong about him starring at my body” Nicky said.

“My dear he has nothing to do with your body. If he had wanted anything to do with a girl, there are many beautiful girls that would be fighting over him and you won’t even be compared to any of them”

“Okay, but where can I find him?”



“Why? What for”

“I want to apologize to him”

“You don’t have to do that. Since he had easily let you out just mind your business from now onwards and avoid coming in contact with him”

“I have to apologize to him; can’t you see that I almost tarnished his image?”

“Well, I won’t stop you. If you want to find him, like I said earlier he always stays at that Hall”

“Thank you so much for all the information I really appreciate it”

“Good luck”

“What’s that your name again?”


“Doris it’s nice meeting you and I hope we would meet next time”

“Me too”

“Okay bye”



The next day, Nicky went to the inner part of that Hall and found Richard sleeping.

She did not know the next step to take, thereby making her stand still, admiring him as he sleeps.

Richard closed his eyes but he was not sleeping.

He knew someone entered where he was staying but he decided not to move in order to know what that person’s reaction would be.

He could feel the person’s eyes on his body but he didn’t know the person because he was closing his eyes.

He had expected the person to make a dangerous move but when nothing of that sort happened, he decided to open his eyes and find out who the person was and what he/she wanted.

To his utmost amazement, he opened his eyes and found the lunatic girl staring at him.

“What the hell are you doing here? The insult you gave me yesterday was it not enough? Or, are you here to insult me more? And maybe after that, you will start claiming that I raped you? Kindly leave this place right away” Richard said.

“Please calm, down I’m so sorry for what happened yesterday. I’m a new student in this school and I never knew you. Please forgive me I never knew you have nothing to do with girls” Nicky pleaded with a great sign of remorse.

Richard watched her as she continued talking and pleading with him for forgiveness.

Watching her plead endlessly was so irritating. She never gets tired of talking, she would surely win in a talking competition, Richard thought.

He quietly stood up and left her.

Nicky quickly ran after him but when she got to the main Hall, she stopped as she thought of what people would say If they see her running after him again.


Nicky entered into the lecture room and made for the front seat where she normally stays.

She was still heading to the front seat when a scent crossed her nose. He must be around she said to herself as she quickly searched for him.

She searched and found him. She saw him sitting alone in a very long seat.

So people even avoid sharing a seat with him in the class? This is really serious, what kind of person is he? Is he a beast? Oh God please touch him so that he would accept my apology, she thought as she went and sat close to him.

Richard did not look at her but he knew it must be the lunatic girl. She is the only one that could clearly see him and still come close to him, she is so confident! he thought.

“I promise to leave as soon as you accept my apology” she whispered to him.

“Please forgive me, I will never insult you again I swear” she pleaded.

Though lecture was going on, Nicky kept pleading endlessly with Richard. Oh God! This girl’s mental illnesses could be on a higher level. Why is she bent on disturbing his ears? Why is she even not afraid of him?

Richard soon got fed up with her disturbance which she termed APOLOGY and angrily left.

Nicky became so sad that he avoided her again.

“Now I understand what Doris was telling me, this guy is a sadist. Simple apology he finds it hard to accept” Nicky muttered to herself.

Just then, she saw his phone.

He had forgotten to take it along with him.

She quickly picked from where it was kept and ran after him.

The students wondered if she was actually in her right senses.

She ran after him calling out his name RICHARD!

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