Blessed Holy Week Messages – Have a blessed holy week. I am sending you my best wishes that you have a unique relationship with God in this holy week. When you do things according to the will of God, then you week will truly be amazing and special. It is your time to do great things in God through Christ and a holy week will set you on that tone to be great for God.

Check out these blessed holy week messages and let me know what you think

1. Your week is blessed, the grace of God is on you. Wherever you go, God’s protection will be with you. Whatever you go, his blessings will fall on you. You will never lack or be in want of any good thing because you are the son/ daughter of the living week. Have a blessed week ahead.

2. Learn from God this new week, and do things according to his week. Never you give up your dreams because that is where God wants you to be. Remember that you’ve got God and place all your burden on him. Have hope and dream for the best. Have faith and believe in God. He will bring you to your safe landing place. He is with you.

3. You will make mistakes because you are human, but be sure to commit your ways to God’s hands. Be rest assured that God’s got you and he will always be with you and support you. You will never regret following God and doing his will, because he will not only support you but he will love you so much. Have a blessed holy week ahead.

4. The holy week is here, the time to go to God in prayers. Remember to cast all your fears to God and he will shine his light on you. Pray fervently to him today and he will be with you every step of the way. The grace of God will follow you everywhere you go.

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