If you are uncertain about what to write as your bridal shower message, then these best collection of bridal shower messages will help you wish the bride congratulations.

Truth is, before the D-Day itself, there should be that special moment where the bride relaxes, and share intimate moments with friends, family and colleagues. The bridal shower event avails the bride that opportunity to connect with family and friends and it also gives friends opportunities to send their marriage best wishes before the wedding day.

As a friend, it may be a little difficult for you to know what to do, since the bridal shower is not the wedding itself, but the least you can start with is send your bridal shower messages. I would expect that before sending gifts or vocal felicitations with the bride, your bridal shower messages should be ringing off your friend’s phone. That will be fair on your end, won’t it?

Your bridal shower messages should be direct and congratulatory. You can do witty, funny, prayer, or you can just joke around with your friend. This is a function of how close you guys were prior to her wedding day. Whichever case it is, I would advise that you deter from bridal shower messages that are insulting and demeaning. Anyway, this post is not about insulting or demeaning bridal shower messages as you will read.

Funny Bridal Shower Messages

1 People say marriage is very difficult, but remember that my number is on your phone. Have a blissful marriage.

2 My best wishes on your bridal shower day, always remember that whenever you are tired and feel like escaping, I am not far from you.

3 You are a great, special and amazing woman because I know. Your husband better treat you well, else he will have me to contend with. Have a blissful marriage.

4 The day is almost. Wait a minute, you can still say No oh – Just joking. Have the most blissful and happy married life darling. God be with your home.

5 I can go on and write an epistle about how caring, thoughtful, and really valuable you are. Believe me, I am a tad jealous because I know your hubby will have all of those qualities to himself. I am really happy for you darling, so happy that I could just break down in tears. Happy married life. God bless you and your hubby.

6 Congratulations darling. May you marriage be a role model to all of us remaining.

7 Now you are leaving me in the spinsterhood. Congratulations I say, and I hope to find my prince charming soon. Anyway, I would share my dating experiences with you. I’d hope you will find time to listen to me.

8 I am sending all my love and regards on your bridal shower and coming wedding. May the almighty God be with you and bless your home. Congratulations and best wishes.

9 May you be the best couple that ever lived and found love. Congratulations on your wedding day.

10 At last, you are leaving me here. But I know you are never really leaving me, we will still share all the fun and emotional moments with each other. Congratulations darling and my very best wishes.


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