Can I Be Spiritually Used Through Sex – By the grace of God and all humility, I have a couple of spiritual gifts that allow me to walk into and see what the next human being cannot see or know ordinarily. Two of these gifts are foreknowledge and discernment.

Sometimes, sin hibernates my gifts(when you draw away from God, your powers will sleep) so I have gotten into things and didn’t know. But on some good occasions, I have been able to see and feel things that are scary, things too gory for the eyes to say. One of such is the issue of sex, gifts, and the aura.

Your aura is your “Ogo” (in Yoruba) or call it “glory” in English. It is your God-given power to be great in life and do exploits. It is your potential to become anything & everything you wanna be. And trust me, every human has one or more, no one was created empty.

As we have more of desperate men than women, the former takes on the later to get prosperity. A man sleeps with a woman and empties her of all she could ever become. Yes, this is very real.

If anyone must snatched your glory, it has to be done through something that will connect them to your soul(reasoning & thinking faculties). Two major ways to do this is via sex & money.

Through sex: One of the major means is this, the guy or lady(women use men too, don’t be fooled) baths with some cocotion (e.g diabolic black soap) & lays with the woman of his choice who he is aware is very loaded spiritually.

Through that means, the demon in charge empties her and uses her gifts for the favor of the man. Through money, they have a place in your mind or sometimes it could be a gift, as long as you hold on to that gift or continue to use that item they got for you, you are their ATM spiritually.

You don’t have to die physically, you are already dead spiritually and you CANNOT amount to anything.

Now, some ladies are stuck in a relationship with men like this who don’t know are using them. The guy appears to “love” them and guide them jealously. When the situation is like this, it is because that lady isn’t empty yet, she is still potent and he still has lots to draw from her. She won’t know this, she will think it’s love, that’s why he won’t let her go. Sometimes, the guy marries them so no one else can get the benefits.

I know several ladies who have been used, I know one currently who is getting skinnier everyday, she used to be a girl who bra sizes can’t be less than 38. Today, she looks like an average white girl in a beach bikini. She has been used & will die soon. I know because I know.

Many don’t die, so that suspicious aren’t aroused on the dude. He can use all the kids the lady could have in life for ritual purposes. Satanism has advanced too. You don’t have to be pregnant before any child can ever have in your life can be used or emptied for a ritual.

There are ways of reversing it and getting your aura back. But it is tedious. Through Salvation, repentance, and fellowship with God, you will be back on track.

It can be reversed diabolically(through Satanic means) too which of course has its consequences.

Be careful who you sleep with, sex is too powerful for you to open your body to just anyone, don’t be greedy too. Avoid covetousness, it will kill you.

Be wise and safe.

About The Writer - El Ifelola

El Ifelola is a Law Student, Writer, Researcher, Life & Social Relationships Coach & a lover of God. Reading, Ifelola loves researching, talking to, enlightening & motivating people. He stands for self-identity & strength & Godliness.
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