I saw a friend recently who told me about a guy she likes a lot. I was so happy for her knowing fully well she hardly likes guys. She screamed further.

“But BJ, we have never spoken one word to each other before”

What happened? Why? The guy doesn’t like you? or what? you proving hard? I asked.

I went on her with one and thousand questions in a split second. So the problem is the guy has been staring at my friend for a while now in church (they both attend the same church) and my friend has been liking him secretly and none of them is bold enough to say the first hello.


I sat my friend down and lectured her on how to go about it (yes,I’m good like that, lol), meet up with the guy and start up convo with him. From there, a budding friendship commences.

My friend screamed NO on me,

”I can’t do that, I’m shy.”

But really? What is wrong with a lady saying the first hello? I’m not particular about it leading to a romantic relationship o,what if I just like you and I want to be your friend? I really do not see any big deal in it.

Can I say hello?

I went a little further, questioning my girlfriends and I realized majority of them can’t say the say the first hello to guys.

So guys, would you mind if a lady walks up to you to say the first hello? And hey lovelies ,why exactly can’t you say the first hello?

Hello from the outside

It is me BJ.

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  1. Swizy

    Just be looking all nice n slaying badly… I will not just say hello…
    Even though it’s sweeter coming from the other side (the guy) lol


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