One of the essential things to look for in a relationship is compatibility. You may love each other back to back but if you are not compatible, then the relationship spells doom.

Compatibility is the ability for parties in a relationship to live together in harmony.

Love is not enough for a relationship to strive. A lot of other factors should be considered. One of which is the issue of compatibility. It is a self evaluation of your personality and the person you are planning dating/ marrying. It is very important to carry out this analysis about yourself and your proposed spouse before tying the knot. The word compatibility might mean different things to different people.

What I need in a spouse to survive might be totally different from what yours, therefore, assessing your compatibility level on people’s opinion is not only stupid but also not wise because at the end of the day, you get to be alone in the relationship.

Compatibility ranges from health issues, genotype, character, ideologies, religious views, finances and a lot of things that truly matter in a relationship. Many people have lost the focus of checking their compatibility level with just sexual compatibility. They have diverted so much energy chasing about the futile things. When a couple is not compatible, they tend to fight about a lot of things. It doesn’t mean they don’t love themselves, they just find it hard to connect on some particular levels. They tell you, I love him/her but she is just unreasonable or crazy or too extreme.

Love is not enough and it will be unwise to base your relationship 100% on it, you have got to be honest with yourself and answer some imperative questions about you both. Will she/he fit in your dreams/goals plan? Can you live with her/his dry jokes? And lots more.

Relationship is all about happiness and fulfillment. Finding that person that brings out the best in you,completes you and gives you peace,if not what is the essence? A relationship full of fights and troubles weakens the heart and love. Nothing is more exciting in a relationship than finding the one who loves and understands you.

Yours in Love


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5 Responses

  1. Charles

    You got it all wrong. There is nothing like conpactibility aside genotype or blood group health related issues. The rest is learning to tolerate each other

    • Deedee

      Wikitionary defines compatibility ‎(countable and uncountable, plural compatibilities) as the state of being compatible; in which two or more things are able to exist or perform together in combination without problems or conflict. Compatibility definition, capable of existing or living together in harmony.

      I deliberately decided not to move close to blood group or genotype in this post because of the misinterpretation bothering we Nigerians. It is very clear that blood group or whatever you call it a part of compatibility. But then, the relationship would have passed the stage where all of us can deal in harmony! Why even bother to ask about my genotype when I cannot even standyou as my girlfriend or boyfriend. What is even the essence of having same blood group when you can not live together in peace and tranquility, when you simply cannot understand what works for you or your man/woman.

      There are processes in compatibility and blood group is just the last of it! My thoughts!

      Thanks for dropping by Charles!

  2. Charles

    Human engineering has no formula and we cannot define some certain condition or state of being with a dictionary. If you are looking out for compatibility then you are getting it all wrong (my opinion), such do not exist, in as much as it can’t be 100% then it makes no sense. When it comes to relationship, it’s tolerance, we just see past compactibility and learn to tolerate each other. The best that you want from your partner might not be what she wants to offer, or the way she might offer it might not be pleasing to you. Some people hates their man snoring, but they look past it and learn to live with and find something else that compliments for such annoying sleeping sound.

    By the way, you’re doing a great job. I guess you should try spending little money promoting your blog, this content needs to be read.

    • Deedee

      I would love to draw a quote from my favorite blog (please try and read):

      ‘Tolerance alone is not a strong enough foundation for a happy marriage; it must be coupled with acceptance and understanding. Therefore, if you truly want successful marriage, one of your marriage goals should be to move from tolerating each other’s weaknesses and flaws to true acceptance and understanding……’

      It is your ACCEPTANCE of TOLERATING your spouse/partner that makes you compatible! I would like to rest here!

      Thanks for your feedback, we try from time to time to promote our content! Thanks a lot!

  3. Beejay

    I totally agree with Deedee on this one. You don’t tolerate your spouse,relationship is not meant to be endure,if then what’s the essence?


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