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1. Compliments of the season to you, who matters to me. My sweet and good wishes are with you today, the first of this year till the last day of December. May you flourish all through this new year.

2. There are no words enough to express the joy in my heart because I stepped into this new year with you right beside me.
May the blessings and opportunities of this season fill the broken parts of your life. Compliments of the season.

3. This season will be filled with countless blessings, unmerited favours and never ending celebration of life, God’s grace and success.
Feel free and live your life because you are favoured. Compliments of the season.

4. Celebrate every second in this holiday season with love and make sure that everybody around you gets this feeling of love. I wish you the best and nothing less as you step into this new year. Compliments of the season.

5. You are better than the bests of the best! May the season never stop putting smile on your face. I don’t only celebrate this season, I celebrate knowing an awesome person like you. Compliments of the season.

6. Compliments of the period to you my dear friend, learn from the past and be strong for your dreams. Enjoy every bit of your life because my best wishes are with you. Have a great time this period.

7. For all the blessings and success you deserve, I am sending them through wishes. All my prayers for you will come true in this season of love. Have a nice time and compliments of the season.

8. May this sweet season fill you with hope, courage, strength and faith to face every of life’s challenges you will be facing this new year. Have an exciting year ahead and compliments of this beautiful season.

9. May the sweet feeling of this holiday season wash away the long saturated year. Be ready for an adventurous new year that will leave us with more amazing memories than it breaks us. Enjoy this season.

10. May this coming year be the perfect combination of inside and outside beauty. May every single day off the 365 give you a course to laugh and smile even if you feel blue. Have a bright new year and compliments of this sweet season.

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11. This season will offer you favourable grounds to make the right choices in your professional and personal life. Never wear off that beautiful smile on your face. Compliments of the season from me to you.

12. Compliments of the season from the heart that cares. This season may end but the good wishes and love shared at the period will never leave your side. Have a wonderful season of love and care.

13. Ring the bells and make some noise. Its that time of the year again that calls for celebrations. I can feel the love flowing through the street and so can you. I am wishing you compliments of the season.

14. I want to let my heart speak and my mouth watch. I want to let everyone around me smile with so much joy as I feel gladness. I want to let you know that you have always been special to me. Compliments of this awesome season.

15. This season comes and go but I know that the bonds we share remains. Be prepared to receive only the best of things that will happen to you. I wish you the best off this Christmas and new year season.

16. Live life to the fullest and be grateful. Complain less and be open minded to every good thing. Show love to every one and let this season keep us united always. Happy new year.

17. Life is a wonderful adventure. Welcome to another 365 days, specially prepared for you to make a difference. I wish you the best of luck, love, health and wealth. Enjoy this season with love.

18. It’s a new dawn, a new year, new opportunities and the time to breathe in yet again. Work’s not done yet and God has brought you here to continue where you left off in the last year. Keep grinding and keep shinning. Compliments of the season.

19. May this season bring you true love and happiness. You deserve every good thing this new year and I pray and wish you more good things all through the year. Compliments of the season.

20. I have given love, health, peace and joy your address on this beautiful season. I hope they arrive safely. Have a wonderful new year.

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21. A season of love and care given to us by God. Fill your life with happiness and bright cheers because the new year will come fully loaded. Compliments of the season my dear.

22. May the whole of this new year be filled with joy and prosperity. This is your moment to shine for the rest of the world to watch. Enjoy this fun season of Christmas and new year.

23. Have a merry Christmas and a happiest new year this season. May the love from the ones that care and treasure we got from our success remain the golden memories we will carry to this new year. Compliments of the season.

24. Start off this new year with good things in mind and let go of every bad memories because there will always be beautiful days ahead.
Compliments of the season.

25. Bring hope and cheers to those around you because we are in the season of love. Have a wonderful season of joy and happiness my dear.

26. Many dead people would have given up your wealth to make it to this season but you arrived to this point in your life without paying a dime but by the grace of God. You are completely favoured. Happy new year.

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27. Wherever you find yourself this season, you will be located for the glory of God to come on you. Wherever you go this season, God will continually bless you and push you through any dire situations. You have been set up for amazing blessings from God, and it is time to receive it. Compliments.

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