Here are a few of the required behavioral skill sets counselors are expected to have

Creative Thinking – Often time when you hear the phrase creative thinking, what comes to your mind are individuals who are prolific writers, renowned artists and popular singers. It is important to know that there is more to creative thinking than these set of individuals. Creative thinking is simply the ability to come up with something new; the process of you thinking outside the norm, looking at the problems in a new way and coming up with never-before-seen solutions.

Creative thinking in other words can be referred to as lateral thinking and the ability to perceive hidden patterns. Naturally, some individuals are more creative than the others, this is in no way a discouragement for people who want to learn the act of thinking creatively has it is entirely possible to get creative with practice.

Logical Thinking – The word logic originated in Greek and it means reason. Thinking logically involves observing and analyzing a phenomena, reactions and feedback and then coming to a conclusion based on the gathered data.

Motivational Skills – Motivational skills are simply actions and strategies to get the other party you are trying to motivate to respond in the exact way you want i.e getting the desired result.

Non – Verbal – Speaking only does not just cut it as your clients look out for more, they try to see through you to know if you are only listening to them because you want to help out or you are only doing it for the money.

Enough has been said about counselors and their skill sets, let’s delve into why we need counselling centers. The need to visit a counselling center varies from individual to individual and out of the numerous reasons to visit a counselling center, I’ll highlight just a few:

Abortion – Counselling centers are always there to help whenever you are going through the phase of wanting to flush out an unplanned pregnancy. Counselling ceters are not there to help you decide in the choice to make, the discretion of the choice is totally yours, the centers are just there to make you feel comfortable in your skin prior to and after the abortion.

Emotional, Physical,  and Sexual Abuse – Abuse literally means you have been exposed to behaviors that is harmful to both your body and emotional state. This abuse might have happened in the past or occurred recently in form of emotional, physical and sexual abuse, visiting a counselling center and seeing a counselor will help pinpoint how the abuse is affecting your will to get back into the society and be your normal self, it is a counselling centre’s job to make you feel positive about yourself now and in the future.

The confidentiality oath that comes with being a counselor gives you the assurance that whatever it is you discuss stays in the discussion room and you will on no occasion hear it from a third party, this puts clients at ease and gives them the assurance to pour out their heart.

Addiction (e.g. Alcohol, Computer games, Drugs, Food, Gambling, Sex, Smoking) – Individuals addicted to certain behaviors and harmful substances that they indulge in and is now a threat to their existence as it’s no longer enjoyable but they just couldn’t stop the indulgence are one of the major reasons counselling centres are established. These set of behaviours mostly affect the victims in a negative way and talking to a counselor is the primary step towards regaining control over your life and overcoming your addiction.

Adolescence – There are a lot of incomprehensible changes that happens to a person’s body as they transition from childhood to adulthood, these changes ranges from mood swings to peer pressure and frustration. This phase is definitely what every human on earth experiences but some people cope better than the other, those finding it difficult to cope with the numerous changes happening in their body all at once can talk to a counselor for reassurance they are not turning into any kind of monster.

Adoption – Though rare in this part of the country, adoption is not an illegal thing if the right processes are followed, people who feel awkward about settling in a new environment such as that of the people that adopted them might want to talk to a counselor about it as the sudden change might have affected certain future plans. Counselling is not only for adopted, couples planning to adopt children might also have to talk to a counselor about it as sharing their feelings, emotional rush that comes with living with a kind you did not birth can be overwhelming. Not all counselors can handle this kind of counselling, there are specially trained individuals cut out for this.

Anger Management – Temperaments are nature’s gift, some have it good while other have it bad. Having a bad temperament that makes you flare up because of every little thing is something that needs to be managed without which can lead to a negative impact on the host’s life.

Walking into a counselling center and getting hooked up with a therapist who together with you will help identify and manage instances where you experience and express your excessive anger. Expression of anger comes in different form, some lash out verbally, cry, isolate themselves or get physical. When this trait starts affecting how you relate with family and friends then it is time for you to sought for help.

Disability – This word has a wide range of definitions, it can mean different things to different people and in most cases all of the definition are accurate. Some disabilities are in-borne while others happen later in life.

For instance, accident victims who suffer memory loss, amputation of any parts of their body and military men who have been to war, seen a lot and are now disturbed and haunted by the images of war they have seen after the war is over. Relations are impatient and they want you to return to your normal self and your way of relating to them prior to the war. These experiences can be frustrating as those that re expected to understand your condition and offer to help are the ones pushing you hard, this comes with depression and several explicit thoughts that will be running through your mind all day long. Visiting a counselling centre in this kind of situation is your best bet as no other entity has proved to be effective in helping with post traumatic trauma.

Divorce & Separation – The emotional breakdown that comes with ending a romantic relationship can be compared to no other. The human nature in these periods looks inward for strength and when none is forthcoming, they turn to entertainment and a few trusted individuals to help them get through the current phase.

Do you have any more reasons as to why we need more counselling centres in Nigeria? Please drop your comments below.

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