Birthday messages to someone you love. One of the many ways to appreciate the love of your life is by sending cute birthday messages to that one person you love. Getting someone to really love genuinely is as easy as difficult, but it a very bid deal to felicitate with your lover on his/ her birthday.

There is nothing as amazing as putting the beautiful happy birthday messages across to the love of your life. When you go through my collection of happy birthday SMS, then you will really know that I have you in mind when I was putting this up. Go for gold, send these cute birthday messages to someone you love today and get your lover falling in love with you over again.

Cute birthday messages to someone you love

1 When I think of all the beautiful times we have spent together and the amazing moments we have shared, I can’t but thank God for bringing you my way. You will always remain in my heart and I will love you till the end of time. Happy birthday darling, rise and shine.

2 Just as the moon parts way for the sun, so shall all your problems crash before their solutions. You are a strong and beautiful human, in and out, and your birthday is another reminder to God to bless your hustle. Keep shining dear, your moment of fulfillment is upon you. Happy birthday.

3 Happy people everywhere. Screams of your name rent the air. Different cakes, different people, different chants all in your name. Everyone wanting to be a part of this amazing day; your birthday. Have the best of it dear. You rock.

4 Put on your best cloth, have the most beautiful photoshoot. Drop your pictures on Facebook, let us all drop our likes and comments. It is your birthday, we need to celebrate in a different way. Have a blast dear. It is your year.

5 As you celebrate your born day today. I wish you all the best gifts that God has in his kingdom. The happiness of the world and the heavens will be your portion. I pray that God will ot give you the burden that your heart cannot carry, and he will provide you with all the necessary strength needed to be great in life. Happy birthday darling, your best is yet to come.

6 Today’s date is a date meant for unique and amazing people. It is time of reflection and thanks. A time to give supplications to God for making you see your birthday yet again. A time to count all your blessings and name them one by one. Remember to put everything into God’s hands and remind him of his promises to you. It is your birthday again darling. May God be with you today and forever.

7 May God shine his lights and rest his hands upon you. May you find joy and everlasting fulfillment in his kingdom. May joy, peace and satisfaction be your portion. May the peace that comes with being a child of God overwhelm you on this special day of yours. Happy birthday my love. Have a blast.

8 It is your birthday today. Happy birthday to you my day. May you live long as much as you want I pray. You will will never stop today and every day. Your sadness will turn joy in every way.


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