GUYS, what do you think about this email I got from a reader. Read below:

I am 25 years old, undergraduate in one of the Universities in the Eastern part of the country. My father is late and I automatically became the bread winner of my family ( being the first child ).

Life has been tough with me and I came to the conclusion that I should use what I have to get what I want. Please don’t see me as a bad person, I just want to make a life for myself and my family.

I’ve been reading your blog for sometime and I like what you are doing there. I realized that I needed to contact you because I realized being a relationship blogger can make you find a solution to my problem.

I want to please ask you if you can link me up with a sugar mummy. I don’t mind being a sugar boy for some rich, nice and free giving older woman. I have all the requisite requirements for being a sugar boy and I will appreciate if you can help me out in this regard.


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