Tayo got back to her feet and into the world of duty but something about her seems different to her. Her crave for the presence of her man became so intense that she feels a dare need for him being around every now and then.

“Maybe it was because he was always around when I was admitted” she said to satisfy her conscience.

She feels so lucky and fortunate to have such a man to herself whence many of her friends take every moment to complain about theirs; she flaunts hers jealously.

Prior to her illness, she has never stayed the night at her man’s place because she doesn’t want to lose her flower before the wedding night. But this emotional grip holding her seems to cloud her sense of judgment.

‘I will marry him anyways, so why am I even holding back?” was her self justification to the nagging spirit.

“Sebi you were forming you won’t sleep with him even on your wedding day before ni”

her friend mocked her.

But she was too unconcerned with whatever anybody says, all she cares about is having herself on the bed unclad with her man whilst she have an uncensored time with him.

She many times while arousing her urge with his memory tries to break her hymen but the pain brings her back to her senses.

One day, she decided to break the rules and give her man a shock of the relationship. Being a novice and naïve was a very terrible barrier to her sexuality because the farthest she has gone was to hug her man.

He also being the good man has never asked or try to make her go a step further because he respects her for who she is. She therefore decided to ask her friends for some real mature sex education; the pros and cons, the surprises and expectations, and her friends did a lot of good in lecturing her about everything but the day of the mystery she held close to her chest when they asked her when she will take the plunge..

The secret day finally dawned, she told her parent she was going to have some late night work to do and might eventually put up with her colleague.

Who would doubt this pearl that won’t ever hurt a fly? The response was just as expected, “Just make sure you don’t stay out late and send our regards to your friend and her parent”. That settled.

As always, her man called her in the morning and as innocently as possible, she was updated about his plan for the day which is a day off for the young sweet looking doctor.

“Okay, have a good day and make sure you get home by 6pm as you have said.” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am, I will” he responded like an officer on parade at the other end…

She couldn’t wait for the day to pass, time seems to be competing with the snail as the slowest of all time. Her blood seems to be boiling with unusual excitement which was inviting unwarranted suspicions from everybody at work.

“What is the jackpot Tayo?” Her friend finally asked after she has spent endless time trying to figure out what could be making her silently happy.

“Shey one cannot be happy again ni?” was her defence choice of word.

“Did he propose to you during the weekend?” she queried again.

Just as expected “Mtchew, how e take concern you?”

Closing time came, and she stayed back while everybody scuffled to get a colleague to follow. She rehearsed her actions and words as she walked elegantly in an erotic way up and down her office.

“Yee!! Its 5:30, this time is now rushing when it has been slow since morning ehn” she grumbled.

She called him to check his movement. “I love you endlessly” she said to end the call; “Love you too dear” was the response at the other end of the line.

She smirked, shutdown the computer keeping her company, picked her handbag and dashed out of her office like a girl going out on her first date…

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! “Who is there?” echoed from within. “Were you expecting someone?” she answered disdainfully.

The voice was shocking and unexpected to him.

To be continued……

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