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Where are all the love birds? Get your phones in here and begin to change the game in your relationship. Here are beautifully crafted dirty text messages to send to your man to get him craving for you over and over again.

The cost of getting dirty text messages from here? Zero truthfully! Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Short Dirty Text Messages to send to a guy

1 When I saw you at my office door this morning. I almost sent an email to call in sick for the rest of the day. Gosh, you were such a bloke with the sexy body. I miss you Man.

2 I want to touch you in the craziest way, I want my tongue to play all over your body. I want the sweet cravings as you gasp in my name. I want to make you go so crazy that you swear faithfulness to my empire. I so much want you that I would do anything to make you want me.

3 I want my tongue to do the talking, of how much I miss and I want you. Just come over today and see how crazy you would get.

4 I am going to thank you for loving me this much. You know how? I’ll say it calmly and gently with my lips, touching, kissing and biting your neck romantically. I am going to be so passionate about it, reduce the tone of my voice in a sexy way so I can talk dirty into your ears. I am going to lick your earlobes and breathe heavily into your ears to make you want me so badly.

5 I want to get you all heated up sweetheart. I want to get you whimpering and clamoring for more so bad. I am going to make you want me more while I punish you by staying away from you. Hehe!

6 It’s time for us to get freaky darling. I am just thinking of how masculine you are that I want to run my hands all over your 6 packs. Just wait for me after work, I am coming to pick you pick because the rest of your evening belongs to me.

7 You are the ‘sexiest’ man I have ever known or seen. No need comparing you with another, you are wonderfully and handsomely made. You belong with me and I am going to do the craziest things to you.

8 I guess you don’t know how I miss you so badly. I want to find my way into your arms, wrap my arms around you  and hold you tightly, as I whisper freaky and dirty paragraphs into your ears. I am going to move my hands all over your body as I make you pant and ask for more.

9 I want you to touch me all over darling. I am here undressed, all high and waiting for you. I need you to spank me sexily for being a spoilt girl. I want to be your little girly girl tonight. Just come over and leave the rest of the journey with me. Your body belongs to me tonight. Yipee!!

10 You need to come check up on me as soon as you can, thoughts of you is making me crazy already.  I have been day dreaming about this day all along, you making me scream and begging for more. The thoughts drives me insane.

11 I want you to rest very well today because you will need all the energy you can lay your hands on tomorrow. You are MINE!

12 Do you even have any idea, how bad I want and need you right now? I want you everywhere and anywhere!

13 You know you turn me on? Everything you do drives me crazy. I just can’t stop thinking about you! What do I need to do to get you off my mind? Can you help me?

14 I am going to go slow this morning. I am going to relish every part of your body like it’s my favorite delicacy.

15 I tried focusing so hard today and it was pretty difficult for me. All that keeps coming to mind is the delicately structured body of yours. I am sure going to make you want me so much that it hurts you so bad! Yes, that’s what I am going to do to you! No need to start pleading now because that’s how you affect me so bad!

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