I hadn’t seen Tade but knowing how much the phone could expose my relationship with Mr. Mark, I knew I was busted.

I didn’t try to reach Tade because I didn’t know what had happened and how to handle it.

The next day was a Sunday and I couldn’t avoid seeing him at church. I could hardly sleep that night, I kept imagining what Tade could say or do. I couldn’t even cry.

The next morning, I got up for church very reluctantly, anxious of how the day would go.

I got to church quite late and after the service when I saw Tade I expected a very furious and disappointing reaction.

He looked very indifferent. He greeted me casually with no tone of anger in his voice whatsoever.

I was confused, I knew it was one of three things;

Its either he didn’t answer my phone when Mr. Mark called or he had found out that I had been deceiving him and just giving that reaction because he might soon be breaking up with me anyway.

I didn’t know what to say. He handed me my phone telling me he found out I forgot it some hours after I left. I just collected my phone and thanked him.

I was tongue-tied.

Service ended and I went home, Tade had told me earlier that he would be visiting his uncle who just arrived from the UK in his hotel.

I went back to my room with thoughts running through my mind.

The next morning was a Monday, and I went to work as usual.

As I arrived at work, I was greeted with news of my boss’ promotion from branch to regional manager.

The regional manager had been fired a couple of weeks before for embezzling company funds. I went to his office and congratulated him on his elevation.

He invited everyone in the office for a promotional party he had organized to celebrate as he took another step in the ladder of his career.

I really didn’t think he should throw a party because of the issues surrounding his wife’s disappearance, but I couldn’t enforce my opinion so we had it his way.

On Friday evening, the day scheduled for the party, I went with Anita, the company’s receptionist while other staff members arrived in groups.

It was a minor get together party with drinks and cake. After about 9pm, everyone had gone to their house.

I was the last person to go because I wanted to bid my boss farewell before leaving. I told him I was on my way, then he asked me to quickly assist him in tidying up the place that was messed up as a result of the party, I was running late but I still offered to help. Then he told me to share drinks with him, we celebrated for some more time. The red-wine he served was my favorite so I took a lot of it until I was almost drunk.

It was getting really and instead of being on my way home, my boss and I were necking, cuddling and kissing. I was running late.

I checked the time, it was a few minutes past 11pm,. My boss explained that I couldn’t go home again that night because of the news of the incessant robbery attack in the area.

I had no choice but to stay for the night……………………….

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