I was a little familiar with the neighborhood he lived in, so finding my way to his apartment wasn’t much of a work. so I didn’t find it difficult to locate his apartment. He welcomed me in to his living room with gloom and dejection written all over his face. I was panic stricken.

“What happened?” I asked, still trying to find out what the heck was going on. I figured something really bad must have happened.
After pestering him a little and with the anxiety I conveyed, he disclosed that his wife had emptied their account and left the house and he had no clues to where she was. I had never seen him so grieve-stricken. He was almost in tears. I wondered what hurt him the most; his wife, son or the money that was carted away. He went ahead to explain how they opened a joint account earlier when they got married and they both saved in that account with the aim of buying a house of their own and do other capital projects afterwards. The one they lived in was a rented apartment and they had saved almost enough to pay for the house they wanted to buy . He was on his way home from work that evening when he got alerted by hid bank that large sums of money had been withdrawn from the account. The only person that had access to the account aside him was the wife. He called the wife several times and she didn’t answer the phone. He rushed home to find out what was happening only to discover that SHE WAS GONE!!!!!.

Her passport had gone and other documents had disappeared. A few of her clothes were missing as well. He confessed he doesn’t have a proof of it but he suspects his wife is having extramarital affairs. They hadn’t had intercourse for years. She nags and brawls at the slightest provocation. At times she disappeared for a day or two and reappears unapologetic with no explanations. Asking her where she went to was like starting another war session.

War of words.

The part that hurt him the most was their son she took everywhere with her. Although he couldn’t take care of the boy all by himself he could at least pay someone to do that but the wife wouldn’t agree. She hated it when they had to be at each other’s throat. I felt the pain in his heart but what could I say to console him. It was not my business but somewhere in my heart I was angry with the wife. I wanted to slag-off and tongue-lash her to soothe my boss but what difference was it going to make? I had never met her and it would be unfair to judge someone using a one sided opinion. I knew I should say something but I didn’t know the perfect words to use yet I dint want to appear like I didn’t care about what he was telling me. I wish he wouldn’t involve me in his personal affairs. I fumbled for words. “I sincerely don’t know what to say sir but I know everything is going to be alright” I said at last hoping it encourages him a bit.

“Everything is not going to be alright! He screamed back at me, rolling his eyes and tilting his head with rage. I was puzzled.
He sighed heavily and kept quiet for a few minutes. He then apologized for screaming at me. He explained that he was just trying to blow off the steam of his frustration and depression. It was getting late and I needed to be on my way home. I put myself together and made my way to the door, he pulled me back and hugged me tightly. “Thank you Adesewa” he said.

The atmosphere was a bit tense. “I-I have to leave sir”, I responded, pulling away from him. His lips brushed mine, we kissed………

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