Who says Erotic paragraphs don’t work? How about using it to up the ante in your present relationship. The erotic paragraphs I have here can make you do two things;

1 Take your relationship to the next level


2 Take your relationship to the NEXT level

I can hear you smile to say, it means the same. Yes, it truly does and that is why you really need a couple of erotic paragraphs to send to your LOVER.

Wherever he or she is, she will get fired up and start running down, hoping to get down with you. Sometimes, love and prayer messages may just not be enough than for you to send erotic paragraphs to your bae. Who will not appreciate some really freaky paragraphs for bae. You will, I’m sure!

Erotic paragraphs for Bae 1

I don’t know how to get it this done, I don’t even know how you make things like this happen. Anytime I stare at your face, I get wet and I feel my inner muscles contract and the fluid gushes out! I can’t wait to see you today darling so we can continue from where we stopped. You are my Erotica!

Erotic paragraphs for Bae 2

When you press your lips against mine, it send wave of shock and heat all over my body. I just want to get up on you and take chare of the hot situation all by myself. I want you to grab me by my waist and yank all piece of clothing off my body. I want us to get down on the kitchen floor, since that’s the only place we have not touched in our erotic lifestyle. You are my everything and that’s why I feel so free and dirty with you.

Erotic paragraphs for Bae 3

Did I grip you so firmly the last time? I wondered why you had to wail so loud; your vowels rising in an octace, as your came in torrents while your loads splashed everywhere. I miss you darling!

Do you want me to update this page with more Erotic paragraphs? Your comments below should motivate me! Start dropping!


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