The Lagos Street Party has come and gone but not without me relaying every moment spent at the event.

Short Video shot with Ipad3 and edited with Magisto:

For me, it was the first time I would be attending an event like that and I made sure I captured all the timelines with Elektra as expected in my event happening post.

I looked forward to meeting a lot of cool kids, and did I meet ’em?

Sure thing I did.

Part of Deedee’s attributes is mingling with the Lagos fun lovers and I obviously had a swell time.

img_3515 img_3514
img_3555 img_3632

It was so unfortunate that I had to leave quite soon to prepare for the new week, but then, I was still able to have fun, snack on a couple of junks and have a taste of JameSon’s Absolut Vodka on the Rocks… *winks*

Or wouldn’t you?

img_3575 img_3591 img_3637 img_3644

You would go to such an electric event, take pictures and snack on Junks without energising your nerves with the touch of the ‘Russian waters’ on the ice?


Not Me!!!

See more pictures from Elektra’s reels:

img_3589 img_3584 exclusive-pictures-of-the-lagos-street-party-deedee
img_3582 img_3578 img_3570 img_3538 img_3539 img_3521

The Yoga Class:






Little BoBo I met:




Saving the Best for the Last:



Food & Drinks

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