Faceless love,
Cold blue deceptive eyes
Out of the wood you came
Without notice, you stole my precious heart

My wall of defence fell like a pack of cards
Cold blue eyes
With soft killing lips
You broke the ice that melted on mine

My soul whine and whine
The soft little cry escaped my soul
And softly I am dying to your wits
And I can’t help but sing

“It’s killing me softly”
Feeding on the liTtle crumbs of love you feed me
Cold blue eyes
Masked with nothingness

Close but far away
A face I know
A face I couldn’t call mine
Faceless love, give me a form

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The brain behind Deedeesblog, Detola is a content writer, relationship coach, documentary photographer and Editor. Detola loves LOVE and believes that love is the greatest gift humans can give to one another. He coined the name thePhotoblogger after realizing how much he loves to tell visual stories of people and places. His vision is to document people living under $1 per day and places with tremendous potentials for investment opportunities. Deedeesblog is a platform of life and love documentary. Connect with Detola on admin@deedeesblog.com

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