From church fellowship in the University to a relationship and eventually marriage, the beautiful love story of Dotun Ibironke and Oluwadetan Ibironke (nee Olaobaju) is all you need as a reminder that Love is indeed God’s biggest gift to earth.

A love story that started within the walls of the Federal University of Technology, Akure will excite you and will want to make you get married the next minute. Dotun and Detan recently got married and Dee Weddings team got in touch with them to share their love story, which is indeed beautiful.

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Are you ready? Sit tight, let’s enjoy the story and be motivated!

We met at a fellowship (CCF NIfes) at the federal university o technology Akure (FUTA).

Dotun said:

When I approached her, she had this stern, stoic look that immediately I told myself I needed to be careful with my choice of words. Talk of a man who disliked embarrassment and rejection.

Detan said:

I was just indifferent to him when he approached me back then because I just felt he was one of those ‘spirikoko’ brothers. If you get what I mean?

With a story of love at first sight still ringing in our ears nowadays, Dotun and Detan concluded that love for them wasn’t a case of first sight:

Not at all, love didn’t blossom until years later.

Speaking of mutual likeness and attraction, Dotun said:

She was very open and had a beautiful carriage ( her legs were for days, so beautiful) and this was what attracted me to her in the first instance. I was excited by her love and fear of God. She also had this beautiful and elegant carriage that made her look like a QUEEN to me. She indeed is a QUEEN.

Detan also chipped in that:

He was very jovial and I am a sucker for friendly and humorous people, so we kind of connected then.

On relationship issues, Dotun and Detan made it clear that their relationship was definitely not a bed of roses. Yes, there was issues, but is it possible really not to have one disagreement or the other in the cause of a love affair? These response will speak to you more:

Yes, there were issues, a lot of issues. However,we were always open about anything bothering us. We resolved not to allow anger or unresolved conflict spill over to the next day.

Speaking of knowing when the time was right to propose, Dotun continued:

I asked for her opinion about an issue that was very important to me and she gave me just the right answer I’ve been searching for the answer for years…… lol. Thereafter, I began to notice she was becoming more receptive to our friendship. Then I knew it was time to declare….. lol.

We courted for one year and four months before I proposed to HER.

Detan chipped in:

I really can’t remember but there wasn’t any special proposal. Few weeks after we began to get closer as friends, he told me he was getting fond of me. I told him not to rush me. I didn’t want to get emotionally attached so I won’t decide based on emotions. Gradually he began to tell me exactly what he wanted.

I took time to ask God in the place of prayer and I also carried my parents and pastors along. When I was convinced God was leading me and he confirmed it through those I told, I gave him a yes. Asides that, Dotun is someone who always wants others to succeed just as much as he does. He’s not afraid to help others be better than he is. Simply put, he’s secured in who he is. This is one major thing about him that caught my attention.

We can’t really ignore or forget the place of God in prayers for marital companionship. Can we?

On their definition of LOVE:

A strong emotional attachment from one person to another even when he/she does not deserve it.

The Ibironkes advised people in relationships:

Communication is key, like late Bimbo Odukoya will say, Love talks, if you aren’t ready to talk, then don’t love.

A beautiful love story it is. On behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your togetherness and may God lay his hands of blessings on your home. We dedicate this beautiful ‘Patoranking’s song LOVE YOU DIE featuring Diamond Platinumz to your family.

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