Popular writer, relationship consultant and author, Femi Fragile also lent his voice to the trending post of whether a 24-year-old lady is too young to get married.

Read his post below:

You can be too old to get married but too young for marriage, and vice versa. The institution of marriage has no age restrictions (after 18 as society specifies). Marriage isn’t as simple as it is. It’s complexity is such that it takes a lot of preparedness that doesn’t have to do with how old one is but how much one understands, and the willingness to apply wisdom. Take for instance, an impatient person is impatient whether or not she’s older than old. For women, they need certain virtues

To have successful marriages. These virtues are acquired by different women in diverse ways and at different pace. The school of life prepare some people faster for marriages than others.

It isn’t about what age is ripe or not.  It is about how prepared one is. Preparation is relative to individuals… If you’re not ready, you’re not ready, doesn’t matter whether you’re too young or too old

For others, who get married so late,  they let society define what time they should be ready and they slowly ease into it. For some they are just unlucky. That’s to say, not everyone who doesn’t have a good marriage is unready

The choice of who to marry is key too. You are ready. Is he ready?

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