How to find Sugar mummy in Lagos

The search for sugar mummies is very real. So real, and this is the reason why you are here, looking for how to find sugar mummy in Lagos.

Firstly, who is a sugar mummy?

To Nigerians, a sugar mummy is a woman, a rich woman who pays young, capable and strong guys to sleep with her. Most times, sugar mummies are quite elderly. They could be well into their sixties. But, they usually have a take care of themselves very well. They have the cash anyway.

They will likely be dressed like they’re still teenagers and usually are without husbands themselves. Obviously, the lack of a male in their home to sleep them is why they go out in search of young, capable guys to satisfy their coital urges. To the sugar mummies, it is a win-win situation since the guys are very well paid for their services.

The idea is to service service these sugar mummies well. So, perhaps you didn’t know who a sugar mummy was before? Now, you should have an idea.

So, let’s get on with it

Why a lot of Nigerian guys get a Sugar Mummy?

There are several reasons as to why Nigerian guys resort to having a sugar mummy. Very many benefits.. Some of them are;

1. More money to bank account

A lot of guys want to join the 30 billion gang by having 30 billion in the account.

So, they feel that once they get a sugar mummy, negotiate where to meet, the amount to be charged charge and exchange phone contacts before the day of the servicing. They are on the path to increasing their liquidity.

Perhaps, some are broke or cash stranded, and they feel the need to use the services of a sugar mummy to lift themselves out of being broke. It’s up to them to either raise your servicing fees or lower them. But sure, they know that if they want to make more money they need to negotiate appropriately.

This way, they make a huge ton of cash from sleeping with sugar mummies. For those who knows how to handle the mummies appropriately, they are retained on a regular service basis and then steady income flows in from time to time. Most times, the sugar mummies don’t look at the money or how much it is.. All they want is a sugar son who can service them well.

2. The thoughts of self enjoyment!

A lot of Nigerian guys are naturally interested in the elderly ladies and so they feel adding a little of of business saviness to the love interest, they could turn it into a business business venture.

They say, why develop interest in some girls who would strip me of all my monies when I can enter into a romantic voyage with a sugar mummy and still get paid doing it?

See the perpective?

3. Connections

So, having a sugar mummy kind of opens guys to loads of connections. They say that one never can the category of sugar mummy he is servicing! She might be the managing director of some very big company, and she might be quite impressed by the craft of the young man and make offering of further assistance beyond the regular pay check.

This they say surpasses even monetary benefits!

Also a couple of guys are of the opinion that a sugar mummy may decide to connect them to other mummies that she thinks could really need their services, thereby having more clients!

Seems somehow cool? Well, I leave that to you!

Heartbreak from Nigerian girls

I was speaking to a friend who was into a Sugar Mummy downtown Lagos Island and he told me he had been heart broken several times by young Nigerian girls and is scared of dating the young girls. So he picked interest in the elderly mummies and he has had peace of mine. Well, that is one mentality I do not understand, but then, if you have been heartbroken severally, you may want to decide to go against the ‘norm’ to get peace and sanity!

What else could make a Nigerian guy face a sugar mummy if not heartbreak?

How do you find Sugar mummy in Lagos?

Let’s get to how to find sugar mummy in Lagos on the next page..

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