First Sunday of the Month Quotes – Welcome to a brand new month. A month filled with a lot of love and amazing opportunities. What are your plans this new month?

If you are on the look out for the possibility of being inspired on the first Sunday of the new month, then you have made no mistake stumbling on this post. My first question to you, how do you live your Sunday? I mean how do you spend it? Do you see Sunday as just any other ordinary day, or a day where you revel in God’s presence with prayers and thanksgiving? Do you just see the first Sunday as the day where you lay in bed throughout?

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Well, you are justified thinking and seeing the first Sunday as just like every other day. Remember that as christians though, Sunday avails us the rest day where we rest in the glory of God. After church, there are a lot of other activities too that you can do on a Sunday. Spending time with family, going to see a movie, are all some of the things you can do on a Sunday before the great Monday sneaks it. Whatever way you intend to spend your Sunday though, just check through these beautiful first Sunday of the month quotes and allow it speak to you:

1. Pay detailed attention to your dreams this new month. The angels of God will bring it to you and furnish you with the information that you need to make them come through. Pay attention.

2. Remember to do all you can to be at the right place at the right time. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way and make sure you take charge and take control. Happy first Sunday.

3. Open your mind to possibilities. Think about the future. Ignore any negative act that wants to stand in your way. Stay passionate and keep dreaming. Happy new month.

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