Free Bobrisky trending on twitter – I am sure by now a lot of you guys would have been aware of Bobrisky’s arrest last night by the operatives of the Nigeria Police Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID). While there are a lot of speculations with regards to his arrest, I am still not exactly sure of why he was arrested.

Social media has gone haywire over the new of Bobrisky’s arrest, with hashtags created on Snapchat and twitter. A lot of Nigerian were happy he was arrested while others distraught.

The hashtag #FreeBobrisky was created on twitter. See the reactions on twitter below:

Tunde on twitter:

I can’t wait for bob risky to get out and give us gist who else is patently waiting?

International hipper also had this to say:

. Nigeria doesn’t respect Bobrisky. Respect the validity of all human rights Nigeria.

Sen. SK was hilarious with his post:

If Bobrisky is not released in the next 2 hours then shame on money, shame on connect, shame on ‘bae’

Atinuke wrote that:

If Bobrisky is not released in the next 2 hours then shame on money, shame on connect, shame on ‘bae’

Ejiblinks Ofeogbu:

Chia poor boborisky, who will Entertain me again, lol who will make me laugh with bad accent of English…. Jari

Tintin Alassan:

There is still corruption, you have people mainly in the north violating 10- 12 year old girls, and people who actively practice fraud and walk with police protection but is arrested for being who he is?

Revd Jide Macaulay had this to post:

The arrest of Bobrisky in Nigeria is shocking, becos of a rife with Lawani, is this the best use of police time and tax payers money? Also shows how backward the country is on LGBT issues.

Future MD also wrote this:

Nigeria is a bloody joke… how is someone’s sexuality your business. Instead of us to fight corruption we are going after someone for being gay..

Superstar blogger:

Honestly You guys have no idea how long I have been waiting for his arrest Now you all are crying Hell No!!!

Music GeneralNG wrote this

If You Have Put Your Penis In The Anus Of A woman For Sexual Pleasure… You Are No Different From


What are your reactions? Share with me.

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