1. Friendship note of challenges

If we cry, we cry together

We dine, we dine together

In the storms and challenges,

We cry roughly in our tormented minds

Our empty bowels making smirks

You are a friend so loyal

Even in distress, your love so unwavering

You are a friend that can’t be bought.

2. Friendship note of hard work and toil

With the sweat of our toils

With the soil falling

We tremble in our hearts

But loyalty binds us

Loyalty enlaced in our subconscious mind

No need to scream Bro-code

It is truly engrained in our hearts

I would be rest assured,

that even in my absence

I have a brother who would vouch, defend me and promote my interests.

3. Friendship note to my best friend

As a best friend

I would first mock you

Jest you

And laugh you


You are crazy,

You are trouble itself

You can be annoying

At times I feel like strangling you

At times I wanna hit you hard


Yet, there is something about you

That amuses me

Is it the chemistry?

Or the bond?

Or simply because you stick around in trouble?

Or your loyalty to my cause


All I know is,

Despite that I hate you, I love you

Despite that, at times I get to deride you, most times I want you around


4. Friendship note to you dear frend

I love you like that dear friend.

When you stumble and lose your steps

Then lift you up.

You know I can be naughty and that makes us tick

I have a friend who can mock my inadequacies but help me in making them adequate for survival

A friend who sees the rise in every of my fall.

Who pays the price for holding the tag of friendship

A friend turned kin

I would always cherish the good times,

Bad times we spend together.

The times we fight and get nasty to one another

Say hurtful words to ourselves

But deep in our anger, we know we don’t mean it

I have that friend

You are one.

5. I love you my friend

When you are around

I see you as a sweet nuisance

You appear to disturb and trouble my peace

But when in peace, I miss your trouble

Then I wish you are around

Friend, I miss your cockiness

Your disturbance

You are a whole lot of trouble and that’s the part I love most about you

There is never a dull moment

6. Friendship note of loyalty

In the mist of noise, I crave for serenity

But in my serenity, I crave for your loyalty

You are a friend whose mind is pure

7. Friendship note of care

In my darkest moments

My lowest points

You were there

Here I am

You are here

In my glory days

We’ll share

For my gloomy hours,

You were dear

8. Friendship note of laughter and care

In our chatters

And laughs

Our banters

And blabs

I see the harmony of thoughts

Of you and I

as a friend so pure

9. Friendship note of flaws

You know all about me

My flaws

My obvious and innate weakness

But you still stick around

You still like me like a way

10. Friendship note of togetherness

You take in my stupidity

You manage my foolishness

You tolerate my excesses

What more can I ask of a friend

then all I have got in you

11. Friendship note of thanks

All through the uncertainties and apprehensions

You stood by me

When other friends deserted me in my sorrowful state

When all the world could show me are mocked grimace

You were a shoulder to lean on

A strength in my weak

Thank you pal

12. Friendship notes in terms of comfort

They said we were vain

They said we have nothing to offer

They weep for us

But we didn’t weep for ourselves

We know our of the word

We got each other

Joined in amazing friendship

13. Friendship note of support

I have a shoulder to lean on

Someone to confide in

Whisper in tranquility

Share my pains and agonies

A friend worth than Gold

Who is ready to give a listening ear

To my fears

Who’ll stay in my period of tribulation

Stick with me when I am down

Lift me up when I fall

You are that friend

Thank you, buddy.

14. Life is tough

Life is tough

But you are tougher

Life brings fun

But you add the glitz


You know me

Knows my flaws

N weakness

But stick with me

You are such a loyal friend


You are a friend

Who will overlook when I hurt you and think of when you hurt me

Who will overlook my imperfections and build on my strengths

You overlook the mangled fence but see the flowers within in the garden.


You are so rare

A wonderful friend


15. You see the real me

When everyone believes the false expression of happiness in my face, you are a friend who rather sees the pain in my eyes.


Sometimes all I need is being around you.

Open-hearted, free minded yet loyal


I cherish you, buddy.

16. You are my friend in my restlessness

I remember in my state of restlessness

When I panic

When I lose it

You remind me of the greener pasture lying ahead

You give me the nostalgia

The wisdom in looking at the brighter side of life

You encouraged me,

Comforted me,

Supported me,

And got my back.

17. I am lucky

I am lucky to know you

Luckier to be your friend

Luckiest I got your back

18. My friend in tears

When I cry

I see who to run to

When I wail

I have someone to call upon


A friend who I can rely on

My pillar of support

My G

Together we will conquer

19. You are my bestie

My bestie

You never keep me lonely

You never let me get bored

The real family is your friend

The real kin is your bestie

Buddy, we are not just family, we are blood.

20. In darkness and light

Even from the shadows

From the dark

You leave an indelible mark

You leave a footprint andright in my heart

You are not a friend by accident

You are a friend by conscious incidence

For you have made a worthy impression in my life

21. Celebrations

I am celebrating a day

Not a birthday

Nuptial vow day not


I am celebrating a friend

I am celebrating the day our paths crossed

Celebrating loyal friendship


Thank you for being my buddy.

22. Even though

Even though we weren’t put up from birth

Even though we ain’t born the same day

We blend like blood brothers

We think like we are biological

The chemistry in our friendship is our sustenance

And keeps us going.

23. Memories

Nothing can be more valuable than the times we spend together

The memories in our hearts

The fantasies of tomorrow

And the dreams laced within us

Together we dream

And together we wake up

That’s unshakeable friendship.

24. You gave me friendship

You gave me a beautiful life

Reasons to smile when you are around

You loved me so deeply

You encouraged me in my down state

What more can I ask for in family than what I have in your friendship

You are a friend turned family

25. Thank you for everything

Thank you buddy

Thank you for staying with me when the world was ripping me apart

Thank you for being loyal when my thoughts betrayed me

Thank you for seeing me through my rough patches

Thank you for making me rise again

Thank you for being my friend.

26. In happiness and pain

I can remember the pains

The down moments

The time I seem to wanna give up

You stood my me

You fell for me

And rose for me

Thank you friend.

27. Friendship note of sincerity

I was stuck in myopia

Was dogmatic about life

I had one narrow-skewed view of the world

But you showed me why things are different

Why I should see the other sides of life

You made me more open-minded

And now I see things better

Thank you friend.

28. Thank you for being selfless

I appreciate your selflessness

The sacrifices

I am grateful for your love for me

The times you were all out for me so I would be happy

It is indeed a blessing to have you as a friend, a confidant.

29. Bond

I remember the playground anthem

The lullabies we sang as kids and toddlers

Lost innocently in the arms of naivety

Those times we had great dreams of paradise

Remember we think we can build our streets with Gold?

Yes, that’s how innocent our thoughts were

But now we are of age

No more toddlers nor teenagers

But men

But the bond refused to break

The chemistry refused to simmer

But grew from obscurity to the real world

From imaginations to reality

Dreams to fruition

For the journeys we have passed together

I appreciate you dear friend.

30. No one can be you

No one can fill the void when you are not around

No one can take your place when you are gone

For there is a special abode you have in my heart

No one else can inhabit that place

I love you friend

31. Diamonds are rare

You are a friend so rare

With life so bare

Who still gives all the care

And flair

of true and unalloyed friendship

32. Confidence

You give me confidence when I seem to lose it

You bring energy when I get weary

You complement me

In my inadequacies

In my weak state

I can’t be more than lucky having you as a buddy

For I am blessed having you.

33. You are up when I am down

When I seem to be down

When the whole world appears turning on meu

The times I am about to lose my mind

I know I have a friend I can turn to the

Lay my thoughts bare

Share my fears

34. I found you

In that I found you

Always ready to give a helping hand

When my limbs are timid

I appreciate your love today and always

Thank you for the gift of friendship

35. I have you

I have someone who ain’t envious of my success

Who doesn’t feel intimidated with meteoric rise

I have a friend who despite not reaching the height I am at present

Is still happy for me

A selfless buddy

A loyal acquaintance even when I get weird and naughty

I am grateful for your noble mind

Thank you for the support.

36. None can be compared

We have flowers and roses

Beautiful petals

Wonderful scenery

There is a good life

Lost in serenity and tranquility

But none can be compared to be around a friend I so much cherish like you.

37. Different people same friendship

We were raised in different homes

Came from different backgrounds

We had different ideologies, mindsets and perception to issues

But still,  we blend

Still we agree on reason

That’s the part of synergy

For we were  hitherto wired differently but still have a common ground

It is surprising to many

How we were able to synergize

But the secret is our love and respect for one another

I appreciate you today for that love, respect.

38. You are the best thing ever

You are the most taunting, threatening yet inspiring friend, mentor, adviser and colleague.

Your likes are rare.

39. Titan

You are a Titan !

You are a giant!

Not only because of your feats in the world but you affecting my life

Your impact in my life is such that I wished you are around me every second and minute

Thanks for everything buddy.

40. Dear Friend

I would have been in the grave

Or walking around demented

I would have become manic

When life frowned at me

But your extra touch and care

Opened my vision

To see life and the bright side

Thanks for everything.

41. My mentor friend

You are a friend yet a mentor

A pal yet my role-model

For under your tutelage I improved in my capacity

For your life of mentoring was so charitable

I would not forget your generosity and nurture, your selflessness and unrequited love.

I appreciate you today my best friend.

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42. A friend is someone that even when I bore with all my stories, would still smile and laugh to make me feel good.

A friend is someone who would make a smirk on my dry jokes and still make me feel loved when I make more sense.

A friend is someone who will tell me the truth even when it hurts.

A friend is that person who won’t pretend to like what I do when I am wrong but would be honest to scold and spank me.

A friend is honest to let me know when I err, when I do wrong so I would sit up and correct myself.

43. The love and care we share

The trust we build

The unfettered affection

Our life-long passion

are reasons our bond is Unbroken,


And Unthreatened

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