Some of us may still be waiting for God to come down in form of man to relate with us. This will not happen, as it is important to note that God has his way of speaking to us which is indicated in the bible. He has several tones which is dependent on various factors:

1. Pleading with an individual or nation.

In Ezekiel 18:31-32, God asks: ‘Sinners, why will you die?’ Here, He is begging sinners to repent.

2. Question: Proverbs 1:22. How long will you simple ones love simplicity? That is, how long will you stupid fellows continue in stupidity?

3. Advice: Isaiah 9:6. He is the Wonderful Counselor. Example Deut. 30:19, This day… I have set before you life & death… Now choose life.

4. Invitation: Another tone of God could be invitational… Matthew 11:28-30. He also invites you to come and reason with Him (Isaiah 1:18).

5. Encouragement: Proverbs 1:23. God encourages you to take correction so that He can release His Spirit upon you, and reveal His Word to you.

6. Warning: God likes to warn people before judging them. Prov29:1, God warns that continuous stubbornness can attract irredeemable destruction.

7. Commands: In Matthew 28:19, God commands that believers should go and preach the Gospel.

When you hear God’s voice through the word of his, determine the direction of his tone and endeavor to comply immediately.

Sent in by Otolorin Daramola, counselor and relationship expert.

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