What is your definition of a good morning prayer? You will find all that you seek for when you check the good morning prayer texts and quotes that I have here for you.

The mornings are usually the most important and significant of a day. Reason why a good morning morning prayer will be as important as the step you take. What do you intend to do today, how do you think of achieving your set objectives. What about family and friends that are near and fear. Won’t it make a lot of sense if you put everything into the hands of God?

What about sharing your thoughts to friends in the form of a good morning prayer and sending to them. You would be seen as a true caring and sensitive person and people will appreciate you for your thoughtfulness.

If I were you, as much as I pray for myself, I’d also share one or two good morning prayer SMS to family, friends and loved ones.

What do you say?

Good morning prayer for myself

1. Dear Lord, you have made me see the beginning of a new and exciting day. My world is new, fresh and filled with so much cleanliness, so I come to you to request for a new heart and soul to deal with today. I pray that you fill my life with the purpose it needs to be able to drive through the day’s work flow. Give me a new purpose for my life and make me feel special today oh Lord. Let me see you in my life and let your presence overwhelm me. Hold my hands dear God and make me brand new again. I cannot do this on my own. Make me special and I will honour you for the rest of my days.

2. Fill my heart with the physical and spiritual strength today, so that I can remain strong and powerful for you. Renew me with your power everyday dear, so I can deal with all temptations that come my way. You know there are daily things that U deal and  struggle with every day. Please be with me and support me as I go through them. Life me up oh God and don’t let me fall. Support me whenever I am weak. To you be all the glory and all. Thank you for everything.

3. I am unsure of those that I will meet today, I only am aware that you know them. I know that whether they come with good or evil you know their minds and you will protect me with your mighty power. Help me to be more aware of my surrounding today and maka e come in touch with things and people that will propel me to do more things to your glory. Help me on my journey to complete the work that you have set me on to do and let your name be praised in my life. Than you for everything.

4. Amazing God, I have come before you this day with just one statement, thank you my king of glory. You have given me a good life, you have blessed my friends, colleagues and parents. Thank you for all the blessings. I asked and you gave it to me. I asked for your forgiveness and you forgive me all the time. I am not perfect yet you support me in every way, you are an amazing God. You have healed me from my pain and took my shame away, you are truly a great God. thank you Lord for everything.

5. I bless you oh Lord for a beautiful family and an amazing home. Thank you for those things you have given to me and the things that you will still give. I am not in a hurry for more from you God because I know you will do everything in your own time. I love you God because you are father that does not leave his/ son daughter at the time of dread. I know you have my back any time and any day. Thank you for always being there, gracious God.

6. Sometimes I feel weak and tired, sometimes I feel weary and in despair. Sometimes I feel so tired that I have to struggle through this life on my own. Sometimes I feel like I should just give up on everything because my will to survive has greatly diminished. I just feel like I cannot do this on my own. So, here I am today asking you for strength and energy to re-invigorate my body, spirit and soul. Give me the strength and power oh Lord, so that I can continue to walk in your path and remain steadfast in you. I know with you all things are possible. Thank you for answered prayer. May your name be praised in my life forever. Amen.

7. I am strengthened in you dear Lord. You have renewed my spirit and my heart is closer to you. Even though my sin was indeed great, your love for me was just so greater than my sin. You told me to speak strength, energy and happiness into my life and ever since I did, I had no course to be weak because I look up to you and I am filled with strength, I pray today that you fill my life with strength today and always. I appreciate your love my king of glory. Thanks for all you have done for me.

8. I am here before you father, I ask for the mercy to deal with situations that come my way. I pray for grace to be greater than yesterday. You are the lord that gives strength, please help me with strength today. Breathe your heavenly air into my dry bones and let me be a living testimony of your goodness in this earth. Thank you for all dear Lord. Amen.

9. I need you today dear God. Go before me and help me clear all work challenges that may come my way. Let your light shine in my life at work this week. Be with me and help me today and forever. Amen.







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