Good night Wednesday to my love – Have you checked on your love today? Has he/ she checked up on you? It’s night already, why not send your good night Wednesday blessings, greetings and messages to him/ her.

Bless us as we sleep this night, sweet Jesus, make us have a good night sleep as we put our heads to rest. Forgive us of all our sins today and everything we did today to dishonour you. We appreciate your love all through the years and what you have taught us to beall the these times. We crave for your help every day, and we know that you have given us the strength we need to carry on. Bless us oh God, our homes and families are in your hands. Take perfect control and be our guidance. Keep us through the night kind of glory and send your angels to be with us and protect us as we sleep. To your name be all the glory. Amen.

You said we are like sheep to you, and you will guide us and lead us like the shepherd that you are. You know all of us by our names and you make us feel loved and protected. While we are sad, you make us feel happy. While we are sick, you heal us. Thank you for all the care and the protection. For our family and friends, you have been with them as well. Thank you for giving us your word to guide and lead us, to teach us as we study continuously. Bless everyone around us oh God, and give them the grace to love you more. Thank you for all the people who has surrounded us with love and protect them today and forever more. Amen.

Thank you for all the plans you have for us. Help us oh God to worship and love you more. Help us to wake up in the morning, and assist us through the rigours of the day. Fill our lives with new purpose and opportunities, and get us singing songs of praise and thanksgiving to you. Amen.

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