The bagpipe appreciation day is here again! Happy bagpipe appreciation day. Got any plans?

When is bagpipe appreciation day?

The bagpipe appreciation day has always been observed on the 27th July every year, and of course this year is no exception to the celebration. The bagpipe appreciation day is a day set aside to celebrate ancient musical, Scottish bagpipe. An important part of the Scottish tradition, the bagpipe is that unique traditional instrument that were used to announce battles, and also start occasions such as weddings and funerals.

Although the bagpipe was speculated to have originated from the middle east, the bagpipe was made popular by the Scottish, and evolution was tied to the that location. The instrument consists of three pipes coming out from a sac-like bag filled with it. These bags are made from elk or sheep skin.

The air in the sac is released as soon as the musician presses the arm to create tunes and music.

All the major countries in the west celebrate the bagpipe appreciation day by having a performance at a central place within the city; notably a town hall or a square. It will be nice if you take your time to visit these locations and relieve yourself from the stress of the day.

Have you heard of the The Bagpipe Society?

The Bagpipe society was formed in 1986 to bring together the bagpipe players, and people who love the instrument. The essence of the society is to:

  • to inspire more people to learn the bagpipes
  • to assist players share bagpipe techniques
  • to help beginners find better ways of learning the bagpipe
  • to inform people about the variety of bagpipes played in recent times
  • to inform people about the social and cultural history of this ancient instrument
  • to help people produce their ownbag pipes



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