Happy Friday Messages of Care

41 That moment you wake from the bed and then realize it is Friday. All you need do is thank God for an amazing end of working week. Happy Friday!

42 Good Morning beautiful one. Have a delightful Friday

43 Cheers to the weekend and happy Friday to you!

44 I just thought to drop this message to make you realize how much I care and to tall you that God has got all our backs always. You have been on my mind lately and I have realized that you are the best gift that life has availed me. I wish to share my Friday evening with you. Happy Friday!

45 Work is done, time is up. Let’s have fun. Friday is here..huraaay!! How did your day go? Stressful as usual? Not to worry, we have got Friday and everything is going to be fine. Let’s hook up at our usual spot alright? I will see you soon!

46 No matter how hard life and the world seems. Always find time to relax and enjoy yourself. We cannot come to this world twice. It is only once. You can show the world how happy you are, amid all the happenings around. Happy Friday to you. Have a lovely weekend.

47 Thank God it’s Friday. Thank God it’s Friyay! Isn’t it time to have fun and revel on all the activities of the week? Isn’t time to remind ourselves that the weekend is here once away. Let us have a jolly time together. Let us forget the worries of the week. The weekend is here!

48 When it is time to rest, no one should stop you from achieving that. All work and no play makes everyone dull. Now, the week is gone and the weekend is here! Let us focus our activities to resting before the new week crawls up again. Leaving us in our wake!

49 I am happy the stress of the week is off for you. I am glad you can now take time off to relax and probably have some fun. It is time to revel on the events of the weekend. It is time to rest and be thankful for being able to see another weekend yet again!

50 You know what I am going to do this week? I am going to sleep and I hope you do same as well. The traffic and the work activities have taken its toll on me. I will catch up with you later in the weekend. Have all the rest you can. Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Messages and Prayers

51 What are you going to be doing tomorrow? There is no work! How about we hang out and have fun at the movies! It will be Saturday and I will be indoors for a couple of hours before I jump out again! Care to join me on my trip to the cinemas? See you there!

52 When I look at the activities of the week. I mouth of a word of praise and thanksgiving to God. He made it possible to start the week and now we are ending the week in style. To God be the glory. How was your week though? I hope it was less stressful than the last! Happy Friday!

53 Aloha Friday….It is time to breathe and take a walk. Catch the vibes of the weekend, rest and have fun altogether before the new week welcomes us once again. Thank God it’s Friday, or wouldn’t you thank God it is?

54 I love Friday, the smell and sound of it altogether. I love the feelings of TGIF and I love when the clock ticks down to work closing time. Weekend gives the sense of rest and ultimate fun! I love the weekend as it arrives. Thank God it’s Friday!

55 If Friday were to be a beautiful lady, I would kiss her all day long. If love were to be a piece of Tshirt, I would wear it all through the night. But Friday is a day, and so I will have fun the day till the weekend. Thank God it’s Friday, thank God it’s Funday!

56 I am in love with Friday, it gives me the peace and tranquility to think over the hustle and bustle of the week. Out of all the days of the week, Friday makes me calm and I know why. I anticipate the weekend with huge vigour! Happy Friday to you! Trust you are doing great.

57 I don’t do work Friday, All I do is casual Friday and that’s why I am always on a casual outfit to work. Friday gives the opportunity to relax while working. Friday gives the time to think over the event of the past week. Friday gives the time to have a drink or two with colleagues and friends. I love Fridays!

58 It’s Friday and I am thirsty already. Let’s go grab a drink together. What do you think? It’s Friday, c’mon, let’s have fun.

59 Raise your hands if you love Fridays, hands up because the Frying Day is here. We are going to fry the night simply because it is our Friday. What plans do you have today? Let’s go ahead and fry the night because it is our day! Thank God it’s Friday!!

60 Finally! Finally!! It is Friday
Finally! Finally!! I made it through a stressful week
Finally! Finally! I saw the end of a working week yet again!
Seeing a Friday after a horrific week is a privilege
And I will never take it for granted!
Thank God it’s Friday!

61 I wish everyday can be Friday, the lowered office atmosphere, the groovy feeling and the dress down that comes with working on a Friday! I wish everyday was Friday, then everyday will be more productive for me. I wish everyday was Friday, but everyday can’t be Friday but today, so amma Thank God because it’s Friday!

62 It’s Friday Boo, Let’s have fun! It’s Friday, let’s relax and get wild on a Friday night! I don’t care whatever the colour of the day is, black, blue red or green. All I care about is that it is a Friday to relax from the stress of the week, Thank God it’s Friday. How is Friday at your end?

63 It is time to make our Friday sparkle again. It is time to reflect on our thoughts and see life our way! If you are looking at my favourite alphabet then it’s the F word, simply because it signifies Friday amongst other words! How did your Friday go? It is night already, let’s go have some fun and partyyyyy!!!!

64 I always start my Friday with a hearty laugh and a smile and I end my Friday with a bottle of ‘you know what’ Thank God it’s Friday!

Happy Friday messages from me to you!





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