A public day in South Africa celebrated on the 24th September is here again! Happy Heritage Day 2017 to South Africa. In recent years, Heritage Days that fell on Sundays will have the following Monday observed as Public Holiday.

Why is it important to celebrate the Heritage Day

The Heritage day is important because it looks at the different aspects of the culture in South Africa and is dedicated to all South Africans to celebrate their culture and heritage. The Heritage day allows South African an opportunity to believe in the diversity and tradition. It also gives all South Africans the opportunity to remember their hustles and struggles during the apartheid.

Happy heritage day messages to all South Africans

What is important is not just the honour that you have as an individual, but also the Heritage that you have helped preserve and you will leave behind for you children to be passed on generation after generation. Happy Heritage Day to you.

I want you think of  your heritage as something to be preserved from now till the end of time. Your ancestors have had to preserve same through generations. It is your time to do same now! Happy Heritage day to you.

I am sure you want to age gracefully with the fact that your kids understand their heritage. It is therefore important that they know and are aware of what makes them Africans. They should not join in judging other races or people. They should remain good and helpful so that they would meet good people and be helped as well. You need to let them know, heritage is an important part of us. Preach it everyday and in every way. Happy Heritage day.

Do not live an empty life, live a life that will be filled with the remembrance of how you have impacted in the generation you found yourself in and the new generation coming up. In that way, heritage is preserved. Happy Heritage day.

I wish all South Africans a happy Heritage day. Have fun and enjoy the heritage day activities. Cheers!


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